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Mannheim MBA Value For Money

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Mannheim MBA Value For Money

Postby Prabhat » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:34 am

This is a discussion on the news article "Why Mannheim MBA Is 'Value For Money'"

The Mannheim Business School boasts of an accelerated one-year program, taught in small classes, allowing students to have an intensive exchange with professors and fellow participants. On an average, students are on an average, 30-year olds with at least six years of work experience, coming from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

In the current batch, Engineering & IT form the professional background of 39% of students followed by Business & economics at 33%. Almost 28% are from Asia/Oceania, 25% from Europe (excluding Germany). Germans comprise 17% followed by Latin Americans at 15%.

The Program and Rankings

MBS offers theoretically based and practice-oriented learning from internationally renowned faculty members and classes with participants from more than 20 countries prepare students for a career in global top management. The school is also ranked 9th among the top ten ‘Value for Money’ programs worldwide by the Financial Times. It has reported weighted salary of $109,62279 and salary increase of 79%. MBS also improved its overall ranking to 49 in 2016 from 55 in 2015. The Economist places MBS as first among the four German B-Schools with an overall rank of 41 and regional rank of 11.

It also offers flexibility in the form of five international tracks with up to two three-month stays abroad at renowned partner institutions and elective courses allow an individual setting of priorities. The school offers effective support in career development and job search.

MBS says it takes care to have teaching content with practical relevance, renowned guest speakers from companies, and a three-month team project at the end of the program prepare for future challenges. Personal development is achieved through group work in diverse teams, soft skill workshops, and a Social Project develop and strengthen the student's key competences.

The Fees

The current course fee is € 36.000. The tuition fee includes case studies, copies and course materials. The students will have full access to the school's IT infrastructure, including wireless LAN and intranet as well as to all additional university services, including the library and its various databases, the gymnasium, the cafeteria and student clubs. The tuition fees also cover German language courses, coffee breaks as well as some extracurricular programs and trips.

It, however, does not include transportation, accommodation and living costs. The application fee is € 100 (non-refundable).

The first down payment of 3,000 Euros is due two weeks after the admissions contract is signed by the participant. Furthermore, 50% of the tuition fee should be paid before program start.

Admission Criteria

Applicants should possess an internationally recognized academic degree in any discipline (at least a Bachelor’s), a minimum B+ average in their undergraduate degree and at least 3 years of postgraduate working experience.

They should have leadership potential, international experience and fluency in English (TOEFL or IELTS; the language certificate request can be waived if the candidate graduated from an English speaking university in an English speaking country, for example USA, Canada, the UK, Australia or New Zealand).

GMAT scores are mandatory with a minimum score of 600. In case of good scores, the School grants a reduction of €200 to those admitted to the MBA program. While knowledge of the German language is not an admission requirement, international participants are encouraged to start taking German language courses prior to the program start.

The program starts in September. Since Mannheim has ur rolling admission process, aspirants could apply anytime for the next program start in September 2017. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis until the selection of an optimum cohort. Since only limited places are available, candidates should apply as early as possible.

If the application is submitted by the first early bird reduction deadline (November 30), there will be a € 2,000 reduction in tuition fee. Your tuition fee will be reduced by € 1,000 if the application is in by the second early bird reduction deadline (March 31).

How to Apply

Fill out the Mannheim MBA Application Form and send it together with the required documents including an evidence of payment for the application fee (€ 100). Your referees need to fill out the Reference Form and send it directly to the Admissions Manager.

Step two involves a personal or web-based interview with the Admissions Manager. A successful first interview is followed by a case study work at home.

Step three is interview with Program Management. An admissions decision will be made based on the evaluation of your application package and the selection interview within two weeks.

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