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Cambridge Judge Graduates Draw Salary of £ 85,521

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Cambridge Judge Graduates Draw Salary of £ 85,521

Postby Anula » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:46 pm

This is discussion about News Article "Cambridge Judge Graduates Draw Average Package Salary of £ 85,521"

Graduates of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School MBA class of 2014-15 managed to get an average package salary of £ 85,521 with 95% having received job offers three months out and 89% getting employment.

While 94% had switched at least country, function or industry sector, 40% switched all three. Among the top recruiters were Amazon, Google, A.T. Kearney, The Fung Group, The Boston Consulting Group and HSBC.

Sector-wise, Finance took 32% of the Class followed by Consulting at 29%. In Industry, Technology was at 10%, Internet/e-Commerce 7%, Telecoms, Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech and Public sector/NGO/Other at 3% each, other industries constituted 12%.

In Consulting, 25% of graduates took up strategy consulting. The average post-MBA consulting package was £ 79,363. In the pre-MBA employment sector, Consulting comprised 45%, followed by Industry at 32% and Finance at 14%. About 60% now working in Consulting had switched over from another employment sector, 75% from another job function and 60% from another location, the data reveals.

In Finance, 29% of graduates opted to work in venture capital/private equity. The average post-MBA finance package in the sector was £ 82,427. In the pre-MBA employment sector, Finance constituted 57% followed by Industry at 39% and others at 4%. Of those now working in Finance, 50% had switched from another employment sector, 64% from another job function and 55% from another location.

In Industry, Internet/e-commerce continued to be the largest growth area with an average post-MBA industry package of £ 89.196. In the post-MBA employment sector, 30% were in Technology followed by Internet/eCommerce and Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech at 12% each. Manufacturing comes next at 9% followed by Transportation/Logistics at 7%.

Advertising/Branding comes next along with Arts/Entertainment/Media and Telecom at 5% each. Construction/Engineering along with Real Estate, Leisure/Sports/Travel and Legal comprise 2% each. Of those now working in Industry, 50% had switched from another employment sector, 73% from another job function and 62% from another location.

“We are pleased for our students that they have continued the trend of receiving a high percentage of offers after completing their MBA, and that their outcomes reflect the high level of engagement between students and the Careers Team on the Cambridge MBA. Again we see reflected the number of options available to our students to take up varied roles all across the world,” says Conrad Chua, Head of MBA Careers.

“In addition, it is encouraging to see that 14 % of students have started their own business after the MBA. Cambridge MBA graduates demonstrate that, despite uncertainty in the global economy, the Cambridge MBA is highly valued by employers, who look for the leadership skills, practical experience and personal and professional development which it fosters in our students, ” he adds.

A hefty 69% of the class had switched employment sector. The average GMAT score was 680. The students had an average years of work experience of 6.5 years. The batch comprised 145 students with 30% female representation and an average age of 29 years.

In sector-wise representation, 45% were from Industry, Finance 25%, Consulting 20%, NGO/Research/Education/Public Sector 10%.

The students represented 39 nationalities. UK 12%, Ireland 1%, Italy 4%, Spain 3%, Germany 2%, Portugal 1%, Greece 1%, Ukraine 1%, Russia 2%, US 12%, Canada 6%, Peru 2%, Brazil 1%, Venezuela 1%, Chile 4%, Iraq 1%, Kenya 1%, South Africa 4%, Ghana 1%, China 8%, India 8%, Pakistan 1%, Thailand 6%, Indonesia 2% and Australia 3%.

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