IIM Calcutta MBAEx Course Structure

Analytical Pedagogy of IIM Calcutta is what sets it apart from all other management schools in India. MBAEx program of IIM Calcutta is a unique blend of case discussion and theoretical knowledge that’s enables the future managers with greater understanding of skills required & their application. Interactive discussions, chats & debates are the essential part of IIM Calcutta’s pedagogy.

IIM Calcutta has always been a pioneer in its role of introducing the innovative courses. New courses are launched every year and changes are made in current courses to keep the students in sync with the modern concepts & latest development in the area of business management.

Therefore, it is no surprise that IIM Calcutta offers a very high number of elective courses providing its students the opportunity to choose from (the vast pool of elective courses) depending on their career goal and interest.

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Compulsory Courses

In MBAEx program, there are 25 compulsory courses spread over 6 terms, which students are required to take. 

Elective Courses

MBAEx program offers wide range of elective course spread over 3 terms (In academic term – 4th, 5th & 6th), from which students are required to take 15 courses. 

Note: For the complete list of the Compulsory & Elective courses, please refer to IIMC – MBAEx webpage

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