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A number of international students around the globe are attracted to Germany. High-class facilities, brilliant universities, an extraordinary industrial complex, and low tuition fees are the reasons that make Germany a much-liked study abroad country.

The Public Universities do not charge a tuition fee for the bachelor’s program since October 2014. However, some universities charge fees for a special program of master’s including an MBA. A list of universities that don’t charge tuition fee has been provided here.

Before getting into the list, you must understand that no tuition fee does not imply no fees at all.

Universities in Germany can charge some fees such as the Semester fees, Student Union Fees, Registration and application fee, Semester Pass, and any sort of social contribution from the students. These apply for both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, MBA included.

Moreover, students are required to provide proof of funds commensurate with the cost of living in Germany, at least for the first year of studies. This rule is for MBA candidates too.



MBA Admissions In GermanyGermany vs. the USA vs. Canada


One more significant point to note is that many German universities also offer MSc in Management and other courses equivalent to MBA, like in various European countries.

Without further ado, let’s look at the  list of the 10 Most affordable German colleges/Universities is presented. All are mostly the Universities that don’t charge tuition fee and are ranked according to the approximate semester fee payable. The student pass valued at €80 on average is generally included in the semester fee. The duration of a semester in Germany is around 5-6 months. One can calculate the fees according to the course duration.

Name of CollegesApproximate Semester Fee (In INR)*Approximate Semester Fee (In Eur)
Technical University of Munich8,830.44111.00
Ludwig Maximillian University Munich8,830.44111.00
University of Kiel9546.43120.00
University of Tubingen10739.73135.00
University of Ulm12728.57160.00
University of Stuttgart13126.34165.00
RWTH Aachen University15910.71200.00
Dresden University of Technology19888.39250.00
Johannes Gutenberg University21479.46270.00
University of Bremen21718.12273.00

*Indicative Figures calculated at the present rate of I Eur = 79.55 INR


A student must consider the cost of living in Germany apart from the above-mentioned charges that remain around €700 a month, varying from city to city.

Some universities from the list above also provide room and boarding with other facilities on the campus by charging a nominal fee. Other universities like the University of Cologne and the University of Bayreuth charge a nominal tuition fee that goes €1000 for one year. So, before deciding the best and most affordable, we request you to consider the Cost of Living in Germany

and more importantly Accommodation in Germany because it is one of the major expenses you will incur studying in Germany.

It is worth mentioning that the above mentioned MBA colleges rank amongst the top universities of Germany in the world consistently, along with being the most affordable ones. With being the oldest universities in the country, these quality universities in Germany offer you a brilliant and economical MBA option.



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