The basics of a One year MBA in India #5 – Ranked among top Global MBAs by Financial Times, London


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The one-year full time MBA at IIM A, the one-year courses at ISB, Hyderabad and SP Jain School of Global Management, Dubai are the only MBAs from India to have been ranked in the global ranking of MBAs by Financial Times, London – widely regarded as the foremost ranking in the world.

In 2011, IIM A’s one-year full time MBA (PGPX) debuted on the MBA rankings at No.11 in the world. It maintained its ranking in 2012 at No.11 – ahead of the flagship two-year MBA of Kellogg, NYU Stern, Yale, Tuck, Cornell and the flagship one-year MBA of Oxford, Cambridge, and ISB.

The same ranking establishes IIM A’s one-year full time MBA (PGPX) as the No.1 MBA in India and the No.2 MBA in Asia. (http://bit.ly/iimacommunique)

In 2012, ISB’s one-year MBA (PGP) was ranked at No. 20 and SP Jain Dubai’s one-year MBA (GMBA) at No. 91 in the world rankings.

While SP Jain School of Global Management, Dubai is listed as a Dubai based school in the rankings, I mention it in the article as its parent organization SP Jain Institute of Management & Research is of Indian origin.

One Year MBA (Global MBA) students at SP Jain Dubai (all copyrights belong to respective owners)

One Year MBA (Global MBA) students at SP Jain Dubai (all copyrights belong to respective owners)

Importantly the PGPX at IIM A has been ranked No.1 in the world in ‘career progression’ by Financial Times – ahead of Stanford, Harvard & Wharton. The most recent rankings released by Financial Times in 2013 had IIM A’s PGPX and ISB’s one-year PGP lose some ground and SP Jain, Dubai’s Global MBA exit the rankings – the PGPX has however maintained its No.1 rank for career progression. Additionally, IIM A retains its ranks as India’s No.1 MBA.

Financial Times requires a course to have been running for a minimum of four years  and the alumni of the one-year course expect the one-year full time MBA at IIM I, IIM B, IIM C and IIM L to join the rankings once it passes this mark.

As shared earlier in the series, the two-year PGP at IIM A is ranked in a separate list by Financial Times – the Ranking of Masters in Business Management (MIM or MBM). IIM A’s two-year PGP is the only two-year programme from India to have made the MIM ranking.

The MIM is a course in management theory for candidates without work experience and is ranked separately by Financial Times because it considers only post-experience programmes as MBAs. This is in line with the definition of the MBA by global MBA accreditation body Association of MBAs (AMBA).

The strict stipulation mandating substantial work-experience of participating students for a course to be considered an MBA reflects in the list of accredited MBA programmes from India. As links to the accreditation page on Association of MBA’s website show, the one-year full-time MBA at IIM Lucknow (IPMX), the same course at SP Jain, Mumbai, called PGPM, and the same course at MDI, Gurgaon, called NMP, are accredited as MBAs and the two-year PGP at these places as Masters in Business and Management. The links are (http://bit.ly/iimlaccreditation), (http://bit.ly/spjainaccreditation) & (http://bit.ly/mdiaccreditation)

These one-year full time MBA and two-year programme at these institutes are currently among the select few courses from India to have received an Accreditation by AMBA in their respective MBA and MIM categories.

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