Course Structure


The PGPEM program at IIM Bangalore has 4 terms in an academic year & each term is of 3 months. The PGPEM program specific course-classes are scheduled on Fridays & Saturdays. In the 2nd year, PGPEM program participants with flexible professional work schedules may also choose to enroll in elective courses modules offered across other Post Graduate Programmes between Mondays to Saturdays. Each student is supposed to complete the required 750 contact hrs of the PGPEM program, within a maximum of 5 academic years. 

Courses and Credits

Weightage of PGPEM program modules for both core and elective course modules is defined through the concept of credits. Each course module is generally of 3 credits. A typical course module (with typical weightage of 3 credits) involves about 100 hours of work, of which 30% in the classroom and the rest for preparation and assignments. During the 1st year, only core course modules are offered and during the 2nd year, elective courses are offered. 

Program Pedagogy

The PGPEP program’s delivery pattern & philosophy involves the classroom lectures, collaborative discussions, online (broadcast) sessions, individual and group projects, live projects, business games, case analyses and role plays.

Live Projects

This course module (carrying 3 credits) on either industry analysis or on a conceptual problem is important part of the program, as this provides the students the opportunity to specialize in an where a formal elective module may not be offered.

Action Learning Project (ALP)

Action Learning Project encourages students to take up a turnkey project from within the company, analyze it and make recommendations.

This project inspires the students to undertake turnkey project from within their own organization, analyze it & make necessary recommendations.

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