Can I Do MBA Without Writing GRE Test?

Well, for answering this question, we need to understand why the schools include GRE scores as part of the admission requirements, especially for programs like the MBA that attract a wide range of professionals seeking to enhance their skills to reach the top.

Since the aspirants come from different fields, the marks scored in a standardized test like the GRE that evaluates the candidate’s analytical, verbal and quantitative capabilities, are helpful during the admission shortlisting. Of course, various schools may give different weights for GRE scores. The scores of the test remain valid for 5 years from the test date. You will be able to apply with this score if you prefer not to go in for a fresh test.

Why Would B-Schools Waive GRE Requirement?

Some of the schools do not insist on GRE scores preferring to select candidates through their own selection process by evaluating the academic and professional achievements. Yet others may waive the requirement under exceptional circumstances.

You will have to prove your suitability by way of an outstanding academic record and qualifications coupled with equally great professional achievements. In terms of academics, you should have a good GPA coupled with degrees from accredited schools that reflect your competency in analytical, verbal and quantitative capabilities.

Conditions B-schools Set for GRE Waiver

Let us look at some of the conditions laid down by B-schools for those seeking GRE waiver. Drexel University LeBow College of Business wants the candidate to meet the minimum GPA requirement. You must have comprehensive professional experience, with a significant scope of responsibility, including people or project management.

Your profile should demonstrate progressive career experience. You should be able to demonstrate strong quantitative skills.

Florida State University’s College of Business lays down more specific conditions:

  • A 3.4 (or better) overall GPA and a 3.2 (or better) upper-division GPA in a business major from Florida State University or another AACSB accredited university. FSU College of Business students need not submit a waiver request form as they will automatically be reviewed.
  • Eight years of management experience that includes significant budgetary and leadership responsibility and a 3.0 (or better) upper-division undergraduate GPA from an accredited institution. A completed Masters, J.D., M.D. or PhD degree with a 3.0 (or better) GPA from an accredited institution
  • Pass on all 4 parts of the CPA exam and a 3.0 (or better) upper-division undergraduate GPA from an accredited institution

Then, there are institutions like the University of Dayton in Ohio where most of the 60-odd master’s programs do not require the GRE or GMAT. The applications are evaluated on the basis of cumulative GPA, the GPA in key courses, the time since the candidate earned an undergraduate degree, letters of recommendation and the personal statement.

However, approval of a GMAT/GRE waiver does not guarantee admission to a graduate program. Prospective students must still apply and meet all other admissions requirements.

Since the GRE score carries a certain weightage, you should also be not in a disadvantageous position compared to the other applicants who had appeared for the GRE test.

How to Seek GRE Waiver

You should submit a written request with details of your academic and professional qualifications and experience. You can highlight areas of research and industrial experience that may be relevant to the program you are applying for.

It should include research fields or industries in which you have worked for the past five to ten years. The career or research path should demonstrate your preparation for graduate study and also testify your verbal and quantitative abilities.

Every GRE waiver application is considered on a case-by-case basis. Thus, meeting the requirements does not automatically ensure a waiver. Some of the schools may also have deadlines for submitting waiver requests. Do check all these aspects before starting the process.

Do remember to attach official copies of your transcripts verifying all the degrees you hold besides a copy of your resume and any other licenses or certifications in support of your professional credentials.

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