SAT 2020 Examination Preparation

You can choose to prepare for the SAT either by Self-Study or by attending Coaching Classes. Both have their own advantages and benefits. The SAT exam pattern has been revamped completely, so you need to purchase books that contain the New SAT or Redesigned SAT syllabus and pattern. 

If you have been preparing for the SAT, the last couple of years, you might to start afresh as the exam has had a complete makeover. As this is the first year of the new version of SAT, it could be better to join a coaching institute as you could end up missing important details with regard to the new structure.

How to score 2200+ in SAT

It is entirely up to the effort you put in, to get a good score in SAT. It involves a lot of focus and motivation. The more time you spend preparing to improve your vocabulary and working on your essays, the more confident you will feel about facing the exam. Students who get a good score in SAT are generally good readers and they possess a good command over the language and vocabulary. They are also quite accustomed to the pressure of being able to answer multiple questions in a short span of time. If you have given a SAT mock test, try to analyze the reason behind your low score.

  1. Did you pay attention to the questions asked in the Math section? Did you read them carefully or completely? Calculated the correct answer yet marked the wrong one? If yes, then practice more and make you are well focused.
  2. Did you run out of time? Then you need to focus on your speed and work on being able to identify the difficult questions. Ensure to get the right answers for the easier questions and then work on the tough questions.
  3. Did you leave out the questions as you were unable to answer them? For this, you have to pay attention to the content and work on eliminating the wrong answers. Master the ability to understand why a certain answer is not the correct one. This will be quite helpful in tackling the reading section as a lot of students end up getting stuck finding the right option.
  4. Vocab –Ensure that you have a lot of preparation time. If your aim is a score close to 700, you definitely need to work on your vocabulary. Build your word power by learning about 40-50 new words each week. Though you may be asked only a few words from those you have learnt, it could make quite a huge difference in your Reading section score.Practice timed sections – The SAT Official Guide and the Practice SAT Tests from Princeton Review `contain a lot of practice tests that are structured around the actual test. The more questions you practise the better your score.
  5. Seek professional help –Working on your Reading scores is a lot tougher than working on the Math scores. If you are looking to improve your Reading scores by at least 100 points, it would be ideal to take the help of a professional coach or institute.

As both Writing and Critical Reading sections go hand in hand, practising questions from any of these sections will greatly help your scores in the other section.

Pay attention to the following topics –

  • SAT vocabulary
  • Revising sentences for a clear idea
  • Grammar
  • Skimming through for gleaning important information
  • Reading comprehension
  • Understanding sentences in context
  • Focus on the main idea
  • Go through reviews books as they help with gaining a better understanding
  • Understand different meanings and synonyms of a word

Try to get your hands on a review book as these are packed with a lot of helpful hints and strategies that will help you with your scores.

Detailed point breakdown

Prepare a score checklist. Aim for a 780 in Math. So if you score 769 in Math, you need 1431 points to get to 2200. You can achieve this if you get a 731 in Writing and a score of 700 in Critical Reading. Keep a score plan so that you know how much to aim for in each section. Be motivated, self-disciplined and work hard to attain your target score.


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