One year MBA at ESADE, Spain

One Year MBA at ESADE, France


  • Name of the B School: ESADE Business School
  • Name of the course: Full time MBA


ESADE is a global academic institution known for the quality of its education, its international outlook and its clear focus on holistic personal development. With strong ties to the business world, ESADE stands out for its innovation and contribution to social transformation. People are ESADE’s greatest asset: faculty, professionals, and more than 60,000 alumni all over the world.

Course overview

  • Course duration: 12/15/18 Months
  • Start Date: September, 2020
  • Qualification: MBA
  • Study type: Full Time MBA
  • Language English and Leaning of French, German or Spanish
  • Campus: Avda. Torreblanca 57, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain


  • AACSB                  Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • AMBA                   Association of MBAs
  • EQUIS                   European Quality Improvement System


  • #1         Best MBA in Europe for Women           Financial Times, 2018
  • #3         International Experience Worldwide    Financial Times, 2019
  • #3         Student Satisfaction in Europe              Financial Times, 2019
  • #7         Best MBA Programme in Europe          Financial Times, 2019

What is ESADE full time MBA?

As per the B-School, during your ESADE MBA, you’ll study and work with around 190 students from a vast variety of backgrounds. Your classmates will share your talent and your ambition, but they’ll have different professional backgrounds, academic histories, nationalities, cultures and business instincts. You’ll learn from each other, share ideas and grow together. Even – and especially – when you don’t agree.

Who is ESADE full time MBA for?

As per the B-School, The Esade MBA program is for people who aren’t satisfied with easy answers. It’s for people who have the passion and the drive to step outside their comfort zone, create innovative solutions and take action.

Why ESADE Full time MBA?

5 Reasons to Choose The ESADE MBA as per B-School

Think Differently #BeaCreactivist

The ESADE MBA empowers you to become a driving force for change. To disrupt the future of business, and forge a path for others to do the same. To lead with great integrity and flexibility. Working as part of a team. To make your mark as a creative business activist. To think deeply about our world and how you can change it for the better.

We challenge you to think outside your comfort zone, beyond borders and in a way you never thought possible. To deconstruct everything you know and re-learn, with new global perspective and greater understanding of the world around you 

Our new and improved MBA understands that the business person of the future is a game-changer; someone capable of creating a new world and going beyond the status quo.

The ESADE MBA is for the future leaders who are ready to think differently and break new ground. 

A Tailor-Made Experience

The ESADE MBA is designed for maximum flexibility. You customize your learning journey to precision-match your learning goals and your professional objectives.

Complete your personalized MBA program in 18 months, streamline your experience to 15, or fast-track your MBA in 12 months. Choose from a wealth of world-class electives Programs to pursue your specific interests in real depth. And if your aim is to work in banking, consultancy, or you have a focus on new technologies, let our Career Acceleration Programs de put you in the fast lane to success.

Boost Your Career

The ESADE Full-time MBA is a launchpad for your future career. Before you set off on your professional journey, the ESADE Careers team of 22 experts will work with you to develop, train and connect your talent to the corporate world.

Take control of your future carrer path. Discover how to navigate into the consulting, financial services, TMT and general industries. You’ll enjoy dedicated, expert support and benefit from our deep experience.

International Experience

Prepare to meet the world in your classroom. Some 96% of each MBA cohort is made up of international students of 50+ nationalities. You’ll share experiences and ideas with your fellow students and gain new, enriching perspectives. International study tours, treks and exchanges with world-leading universities will expose you to other ways of doing business. 


Barcelona is unique. A dynamic hub for fashion, design, media, technology, industry, science and research. A city where innovation sits alongside a richly textured history and a culture that prioritizes quality of life. A small city, built on a human scale, with all the energy and vitality of a world capital.

Class Profile 2019-20

  • Students                              187
  • Male Female ratio            70:30
  • Nationalities                       51
  • Average Age                      29
  • Average work Ex.             5.7 Years

Functional diversity

  • Marketing and Sales                    24%
  • Finance                                          20%
  • General Management                 17%
  • Operations / Logistics                  15%
  • Information Systems                     8%
  • Consulting                                       5%
  • Others*                                          11%

*Others- Legal, Human Resources, Business, Data Analytics

Sector-wise classification

  • Industrial & General Services      50%
  • Financial Services                           20%
  • Consulting                                       16%
  • Technology                                        9%
  • Others                                                 5%

Classification by academic background

  • Economics & Management          48%
  • Engineering                                     30%
  • Humanities & Social Sciences      5%
  • Law                                                   5%
  • Science & Healthcare                     4%
  • Arts                                                   4%
  • Others                                              4%

Eligibility Criteria

As per the B-School, the eligibility requirements are as follows

  1. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  2. You must have one of the following English language certificates:
    • TOEFL: +100 (ESADE’s code is 0884)
    • IELTS: 7.0 Academic test
    • Certificate in Advanced English: B+
    • Certificate of Proficiency in English: C+
    • Academic Pearson: +68

If your English certification does not meet the minimum required, the admissions committee may make a final decision regarding your level in your interview.

Native English speakers and candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree entirely in English are exempt from this requirement. If your bachelor’s degree was taught entirely in English (at least 120ECTS), please send us a Diploma Supplement or certification from the university.

*Language test scores are valid for 2 years

3. A minimum of 2 years’ full-time professional experience post-graduation.Peer-to-peer learning is an essential part of the ESADE full-time MBA.That’s why everyone on the program, like you, will have a minimum of two years’ professional experience. Together you can share your insights and your perspectives from different business sectors, functions and cultures, creating a richer, more diverse program based on real-world experience.

4. A high score in the GMAT or GRE exam

All applicants must take the GMAT or the GRE test. There is no minimum score required for admission. However, the current average scores are 660 for the GMAT test and 160/162 for the GRE test.

Official GMAT or GRE scores must be sent to ESADE using the following codes:  

  • GMAT: 93M-3K-60
  • GRE: 5761

GMAT and GRE scores are valid for five years.

Dates and deadlines

RoundApplication Completion DateFeedback Given By
1st Round01 Oct, 201919 Nov, 2019
2nd Round26 Nov, 201921 Jan, 2020
3rd Round14 Jan, 202025 Feb, 2020
4th Round11 Feb, 202024 Mar, 2020
5th Round10 Mar, 202021 Apr, 2020
6th Round21 Apr, 202026 May,2020
7th Round19 May, 202016 Jun, 2020
8th Round*02 Jun, 202030 Jun, 2020


*For EU residents only, subject to places remaining on the program.

According to the B-School “Due to the confidential nature of committee decision-making, we regret that feedback on rejected applications is not given.” 

Admission Process & Checklist

Submit the application form 

The first step in your application process is to complete the Online Application Form. You will be asked to register. You can then save your application form to submit it later.

APPLICATION TIP: you can complete your application form without a final GMAT / GRE / English exam result – simply include the date you plat to sit the test.

Two recommendation letters must be submitted as part of the application process. These can be from professional and/or academic referees, although we recommend that both be from professional sources. Your recommendation letters will be used to evaluate your global mindset and personal motivation.

You will need to introduce your referees’ information in your online application form. Once you have completed and saved this section of the form, your referees will receive an automatic request to submit your recommendation letter.

At the end of the form, you will need to upload:

  • Your CV
  •  A recent, passport-sized photograph with white background (e.g., CV/resume picture). Maximum file size: 50 kb. Format: JPEG
  •  A scan of your identity card (Spanish citizens) or your passport (EU and non-EU nationals)

The application is not complete until you pay the application fee and complete the electronic signature with your name. Once you have done this, your application will be considered as properly submitted and you will be able to upload the remaining documents in order to complete your application.

Upload the required documents 

After submitting your application, you will need to upload the following documents through the student portal:

A) Bachelor Transcripts:

During the application process, scanned copies from your Bachelor Transcripts will be accepted. This document must be issued in the original language. Any documents that are not in Catalan, Spanish or English must be submitted with an official translation into one of these languages.

B) Bachelor Degree:

One of the basic prerequisites for applying for the MBA program is an undergraduate degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. You must submit a copy of your diploma (if the degree granted is not shown on the transcripts). This document must be issued in the original language. Any documents that are not in Catalan, Spanish or English must be submitted with an official translation into one of these languages.

C) GRE / GMAT Unofficial Scores:

upload the unofficial scores into the student portal and ask the GMAT/GRE organization to send your official scores to ESADE, using the following codes:

    • GMAT: 93M-3K-60
    • GRE: 5761

D) English Test Scores:

All participants who are not native English speakers or have completed their Bachelor’s Degree in English must have one of the following certificates:

    • TOEFL: +100 (ESADE’s code is 0884)
    • IELTS: 7.0 Academic test
    • Certificate in Advanced English: B+
    • Certificate in Proficiency in English: C+
    • Academic Pearson: +68

ESADE will accept English Certificates taken within the last two years. ESADE only accepts official TOEFL scores sent directly to ESADE from ETS. Our institution code is 0884. Cambridge and IELTS certificates are also accepted and must be originals or certified true copies.

If you are a native English speaker or you have completed your Bachelor’s Degree in English, you may be exempt from the English requirement. If your bachelor’s degree was taught entirely in English (+120ECTS), please send us a certificate from your university (i.e., diploma supplement) stating the language of instruction.

Application Documents Considered 

Your file will be considered by our admissions team once all the required documentation is submitted. Please check your application through the student portal on a regular basis to make sure that your file is complete. Your documents will be shown as “received” after being validated by the Admissions Team.

Official Interview 

After submitting all your documents you may be shortlisted for an interview, which is a mandatory requirement for your admission. All selected applicants are interviewed by an associate director of admissions.

Official interviews for the ESADE MBA programme can be conducted in person either in Barcelona or at one of our international off-campus admissions events. Alternatively, if you cannot attend an admissions event or visit the campus in Barcelona, the interview can be done via Skype.

Admissions Committee 

After the official interview, your application will be considered by the admissions committee, which comprises faculty members and the entire admissions team. The decisions of the admissions committee are final. You will find the final decision from the admissions committee in your Student Portal.

Fee & financing  

As per the B-School, total compulsory MBA tuition fees and expenses: €72,000.

The fees for the ESADE Full Time MBA cover tuition, course materials, on-campus IT services, library services and more.

 Additional expenditure

  • Application fee to cover all administrative processes for the Full-Time MBA: €135
  • MBA Student Association Fee: €100

Payment Calendar for academic expenditure

Reservation Fee

Once admitted to the ESADE MBA, you have 2 to 4 weeks to secure your place. A non-refundable payment of €7,500 will be required to confirm it.

Commitment Fee (non-refundable)

When the beginning of the program approaches, you will have to commit to joining the MBA by paying €7,500 by 15 June, 2020.

Commitment Fee (non-refundable)

When the beginning of the program approaches, you will have to commit to joining the MBA by paying €7,500 by 15 June, 2020.

2nd Installment

Approximately halfway through the MBA program, by March 2021, you will be required to pay the remainder.

Living expenses

  • Estimated monthly living expenses
  • Housing: €400 – €1000
  • Utilities: €100 – €200
  • Food: €250 – €500
  • Transportation: €50 – €70
  • Miscellaneous: €250 – €450
  • Sports: €50 – €80
  • Total: €1,100 – €2,300

Students living with their partners should increase all costs by approximately 30%.

These approximate expenses are provided for guidance only.


ESADE is developing future business leaders from diverse backgrounds. To ensure that top talents have the opportunity to join the MBA program, the school and its partners offer a range of scholarships and financing options.

Application process for financial Ads

All ESADE Full-time MBA candidates can apply for financial aid. We encourage you to begin when you apply for programme admission to ensure that any scholarship that is granted is ready in time.

You will be evaluated on the entire admissions process, taking into account your documents including scholarship essays, university transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores, recommendation letters and interview reports.

All candidates will be personally notified of the scholarship committee’s decision.

To start a Scholarship Application candidates must log into the Admissions Portal and access the Scholarship Information section. It is important to carefully read the introductory guidance for a successful submission. 

List of Scholarships

  • Asian Business Scholarship
  • African Business Scholarship
  • Latin American Business Scholarship
  • Eastern European Scholarship
  • Middle Eastern Business Scholarship
  • Central European Business Scholarship
  • North American International Experience Scholarship
  • ESADE for Families Scholarship
  • ESADE MBA Students Fund: Leadership Scholarship
  • ESADE MBA Students Fund: Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  • ESADE MBA Students Fund: Diversity Scholarship
  • Women of the World Scholarship
  • Global Marketing Scholarship
  • Financial Services Scholarship
  • Social Impact Scholarship
  • MBA Consulting Scholarship
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Scholarship
  • Sustainable Energies Scholarship
  • Expanding Horizons Innovation Scholarship
  • China Development Scholarship
  • The ESADE for Excellence Scholarship
  • ESADE MBA Student Fund: Spanish Global Leaders
  • The ESADE Women in Business Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Women Leaders
  • The Forte Fellows for Women
  • MBA Class Gift Scholarship

Partnership Scholarships

 ESADE Business School holds agreements with international institutions to support the talent we recruit for our Full-time MBA.

  • Forté Foundation – Fellowship Program up to €20,000

 ESADE Business School as a sponsor of Forté is committed to its mission; Through business education, role models, professional networks, and leadership training, Forté empowers women to claim their own share of power, respect, income, and impact. The Forté Fellowship Program was established to provide monetary and non-monetary support for outstanding women enrolling to an MBA Programme that exhibit exceptional potential for business leadership. Candidates can apply for Forté Fellows following the same process of ESADE Scholarships. Awards will cover a minimum of $10,000.

  • Alfa Consulting Scholarship – Full-time MBA

Alfa Consulting is a global consulting firm. It sets new standards in the designing    pragmatic strategies for and improving the execution capabilities of large companies. The group has more than 2,700 consultants and 65 offices all over the world. It combines strategic and design capabilities with deep business knowledge specialized by industry. This allows them to support their clients in strategic projects, providing pragmatism and actionable advice from the beginning. Click here for more information.

  • Fundación Carolina

Fundación Carolina is a half-private and half-public institution. It promotes and leads cultural networks and cooperation projects on academic and scientific aspects within Spain and the “Ibero-American Community of Nations”. Together with ESADE it offers scholarships that cover up to 30 percent of the Full-time MBA programme tuition fees.

Applications for the scholarship are open from September-October until March. For additional information, please visit: Fundación Carolina

  • Colfuturo

Colombian institution that supports young professionals who are interested in developing their education.

To achieve this, Colfuturo offers educational loans with very advantageous conditions. The ESADE Full-time MBA is an eligible program, so Colombian candidates who wish to return to Colombia after the MBA will be able to apply.

Colfuturo also has a special agreement with ESADE Business School to grant scholarships (up to 15 percent of tuition fees) to selected candidates.

  • Reig Patrimonia

Reig Patrimonia and Fundació ESADE have signed an agreement to grant scholarships to Andorran candidates admitted to the ESADE Full-time MBA.

The scholarship amount will depend on the number of applications received and the competitiveness of the candidates.

 Loan Options

If you are admitted to the ESADE Full-time MBA, you are welcome to apply at the same time to any of the loans agreements ESADE holds with two financial institutions: Banc Sabadell and Prodigy Finance. Later, you will have to choose only one option to finance your ESADE MBA programme.

The maximum loan amount that you can finance through these agreements is capped at 100% of programme tuition fees (€64,900). Both Prodigy Finance and Banc Sabadell make payments directly to the School.

Banc Sabadell Student Loan Program

Our partner, Banc Sabadell, covers up to 100% of the tuition fees, minus the reservation fee. Bank guarantees will be required depending on the amount of the student loan requested. The ESADE MBA loan agreement is available to all admitted candidates and only covers tuition fees; living expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.

Banc Sabadell will require the following loan supporting documents to evaluate your loan request. You can also start preparing the loan application form.

Follow this link to know the general conditions for international candidates.

For further information please contact Banc Sabadell at [email protected] or ESADE Financial Aid at [email protected].

Prodigy Finance Loan Programme For International Students

Prodigy Finance’s innovative lending model offers community-funded loans to international students at the world’s top business schools, including ESADE.

While banks base their loan decisions on historical salaries, Prodigy looks to the future. It assesses applicants’ future earning potential (based on the past achievements of similar graduates) to determine loan affordability.

Application process for Prodigy Finance

Prodigy’s model is borderless, allowing it to offer competitive rates to over 150 nationalities of students.

– Eligibility: Students accepted into the Full-time MBA programme are eligible to apply for a loan with Prodigy.
– Rates: Interest rates vary depending on individual applicants. See the terms and conditions, and how to apply for a loan, on Prodigy’s website.

– Why choose Prodigy?
· 150 nationalities covered
· Competitive interest rates
· No collateral or guarantees required
· Easy online process
· No repayments while you study

Prodigy Finance Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom (Company Number 05912562) and registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (Reg. No. Z9851854). Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and entered on the Financial Services Register under firm registration number 612713. Prodigy’s registered address is Palladium House. 1-4 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7LD.

Deutsche Bildung – The alternative to a student loan

As a social business, Deutsche Bildung has supported German students since 2007. Monthly as well as single and returning payments guarantee completely flexible financing of almost all programs and subjects in Germany and abroad. Additionally, the extra-curricular-program WissenPlus focuses on the improvement of important social and professional competencies. The repayment is income-linked: you pay back a fixed percentage of your future income over a certain period of time once you have started your first job. The online application is available all year at

Sallie Mae – Private Loans

Sallie Mae is a student loan company with over 40 years of providing student college loans, and  supporting graduate and undergraduate study.

Smart Option Student Loan® for Graduate Students

The “option” in the Smart Option Student Loan name means you can choose the type of interest rate and repayment option that work best for you.

This loan helps you finance your ESADE attendance. The repayment period is up to 15 years and there are different repayment options; deferred, fixed or interest-only.
Sallie Mae MBA Loan SM
You can choose to make your MBA Loan payments in school or defer until after you leave, with a variable or fixed interest rate.

Please contact ESADE Financial Aid Office for additional information and guideline.

Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans

Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans are EU-guaranteed loans with favourable pay-back terms that can help you finance a Master course in Spain.

The scheme is designed to support postgraduate students and protect them from student hardship with social safeguards including:

  • No need for collateral from students or parents, ensuring equality of access
  • Favorable interest rates
  • You can receive a loan of up to €12,000 for a 1-year Master or up to €18,000 for a 2-year Master

Course structure

As per the B-School, You can choose the length of your MBA program right until May, giving you maximum flexibility and the freedom to seize opportunities that arise.


If you have professional commitments and need to get back to work, a 12-month MBA “fast-track” program may be possible. You can tailor your learning experience with electives, Business Labs, Real-World Challenges and Career Acceleration Program, ready to add value and offer expertise in your chosen field.


As well as continuing with electives, Business Labs and Real-World Challenges, the streamlined 15-month program offers a choice of either an internship with a leading company, or an international exchange.


Most students choose the complete ESADE MBA experience. Over 18 months you’ll enjoy everything the program has to offer, targeted toward your goals. The core curriculum and electives are complemented by challenges, labs and more. Afterwards, you can put your knowledge into action in an internship and develop your global network of contacts with an exchange.

Core Courses – 60 ECTS

Learn more about yourself and about the skills you need to break the mold, create new solutions and transform what’s possible.

The program structure is divided into three main phases, with one main goal in mind: to develop creactivists – ​”creative activists” capable of driving lasting change.

Term 1


By better understanding yourself, your individual capabilities and environment, from the inside out, true change is possible.

  • General Management & Strategy
  • Solving Business Problems
  • Fundamentals of Markets
  • Global Markets
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Finance
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Leadership & Decision Making
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Analytics & Decision Making

 Term 2

Create & Innovate

Learn to generate opportunities where there are none, and gain the perspective to solve short-term problems without losing sight of long-term goals. 

  • Operations Management
  • International Business Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics for Strategic Decision Making
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business, Government & Society 

Term 3


Transformation requires a change in approach. Go beyond simply imagining change: execute and manage it seamlessly.

  • Operations Management
  • International Business Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics for Strategic Decision Making
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business, Government & Society

Electives (24) + Final Master’s Project (6)- 30 ECTS 

In your second term you deepen you knowledge and sharpen your focus. Choose electives from the Advanced Management Topics (24 ECTS) and showcase new knowledge and skills with the Final Masters Project (6 ECTS) with the one-to-one support of faculty and expert tutors.

Elective courses 

  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Big Data Transformation & Data Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand-driven Strategy Management
  • Business Transformation & IoT Enabling Technologies
  • CBI: Challenge-Based Innovation
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Eco-Efficiency and The Creation of Sustainable Value by Firms
  • E-Commerce: how to start and Start Up
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • From Innovation to Cash Flows
  • Geopolitics
  • Global Economy Debates
  • Global Sales Strategies
  • Hedge Funds
  • Impact Investment
  • In Search of Principles for a Life Philosophy
  • Innovation & Creativity: Developing New Products and Services through Design Thinking
  • International Business Strategy
  • International Corporate Governance for Strategic Thinking
  • International Portfolio Management
  • Investing in Property
  • Leader as Coach: Using Emotional Intelligence to Develop and Motivate Others
  • Market Analytics in the Era of Big Data
  • Marketing Transformation for the Digital Era
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Monetization: How to Turn Strategy into Lasting Revenue
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Performance Measurement and Control Systems
  • Power and Influence
  • Service Operations Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing
  • Sports Business Management
  • Strategic Sales Management
  • Understanding and Influencing Consumers
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity

After finishing your Full Time MBA, you will receive an official Master of Business Administration degree from Ramon Llull University.

Placement 2018 Batch 

  • 116% increase in salary after 3 years
  • 93% of the students employed within 3 months of graduation
  • 93% changed their country, industry or function
  • 28% changes country, industry & function all of them.
  • € 148,060 the average salary after 3 years 

Top 10 global employers of the Esade Class of 2018

  • NIKE
  • HP
  • UBER


Recent news about the ESADE

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Data for previous years


  • Esade Essay 1: Which aspects have you improved on during your academic and professional career so far? Which tools or values have helped you achieve this? (2000 characters maximum, 30 lines approximately)
  • Esade Essay 2 : How will your background, values and non work-related activities enhance the experience of other ESADE MBA students and add to the diverse culture we strive for at ESADE? (Note: The goal of this essay is to get a sense of who you are, rather than what you have accomplished). (2000 characters maximum, 30 lines approximately)
  • Esade Essay 3: What are your motivations in pursuing a full-time MBA at this point in your life? Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MBA career path. What is it about ESADE you think will help you reach your goals? (2000 characters maximum, 30 lines approximately)
  • Esade Essay 4:  Complete two of the following four questions or statements (2000 characters maximum, 30 lines approximately)

              a) I am most proud of…

              b) People may be surprised to learn that I…

              c) What has your biggest challenge been and what did it help you learn about yourself?

              d) Which historical figure do you most identify with and why?

  • Esade Essay 5:  Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include gaps in employment, your undergraduate record, plans to retake the GMAT or any other relevant information. (2000 characters maximum, 30 lines approximately)
  • Esade Resume: Attach your CV or Resume with detailed professional history (maximum 150Kb).

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