Is a One Year MBA better than a Two Year MBA?

One Year MBA vs Two Year MBA

MBA aspirants search for the above information in different ways:  

  • Executive MBA vs MBA
  • Executive MBA vs Two Year MBA
  • Executive MBA vs MBA for Executives
  • Full Time Executive MBA vs Executive MBA
  • EMBA vs MBA

While they are referring to an Executive MBA course, a part-time course for senior executives, they all really mean to ask something quite different: What are the differences between a 2 Year MBA & an 1 Year MBA course?

Comparison – One Year MBA in India and Two Year MBA In India

Parameter One Year MBA in India / MBA for Executives Two Year MBA in India/ 2 Year PGDM Significance
Format Full time Full time
Duration 12-15 Months 2 Years
Class room hours 650-700 800
Meant for experienced professionals with 3+ years of work experience freshers with 0-2 years work experience The one-year full time MBA’s placement process is better equipped to place experienced professionals as opposed to the placement process of the two-year PGP at business schools in India as the bulk of the two-year PGP students, on an average, have less than one-year of work experience and almost forty percent of the students have zero work experience, most of the companies that come to recruit two-years PGP students offer them management trainee profiles
Time to discover yourself yes no


The key benefit offered by the one-year full time MBA, we believe, is that the course gives you time to discover yourself before you manage others. In Indian society the pressure to rise above the neighbor’s kid is a constant one. The one-year full time MBA at business schools in India, by adhering to the original mission statement of an MBA as defined by the Association of MBAs – to “enhance and develop previous relevant experience” – gives you on an average five years to pursue what your heart desires
Accreditation as per international norms MBA Masters in Business Management – not MBA Candidates pursuing a one-year MBA receive a qualification that is recognized globally as an MBA as opposed to the qualification earned through the two-year PGP course which is recognized as a Masters in Management internationally – a course for candidates without work-experience.
The goal of the degree To help experienced professionals transition to leadership roles To help fresh graduates gain a grounding in business management Don’t head into an Two Year MBA in India expecting managerial slots. Most MIM graduates land assignments as Management Trainees.
Learning environment Class has extensive experience Class has little work experience which impacts the level of discussions With close to 1000 years of collective corporate wisdom available in a typical class of 100 candidates in a batch of a one year MBA, the peer learning that the course offers is amazing.
Opportunity cost 1 Year 2 years The opportunity cost of a one-year full time MBA is half that of a two-year MBA programme. You save one year’s post qualification salary and join work faster.
International immersion yes no Students of the one year MBA typically spend one term abroad which helps them gain an international perspective of business
Learning pace Fast paced Relatively relaxed The two year course gives you more time to absorb concepts.
Recognition in companies Awareness rising as the course started 10 years back in India Established – 40-50 years legacy The industry in India has well established frameworks such as the Management Trainee programme to induct the graduates of the two year course into the workplace – this makes the placement process smoother. Hiring in senior roles out of the 1 Year MBA is however also becoming a standard practice in new age companies.
Typical roles on offer Vice President, General Manager, Senior manager Management Trainee
Companies hiring New age companies in IT, E-Commerce Old school FMCG, FMCD companies
Fee Higher Lower The fees for the one-year course at the IIMs, for instance, ranges between Rs 14 lakh and Rs 25 lakh. The two-year course is subsidized by the government and the average fee across the IIMs ranges between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 35 lakh. The fee at Indian School of Business (ISB) for the 1 Year PGP is a whopping Rs 34 Lakh!


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