GRE Score Report

The official GRE score report contains your contact information (name, phone number and email). It will have your date of birth, gender and intended graduate major.

The report carries the Test date(s), the GRE test score(s) and the associated percentile ranks. It will have the names of the authorized score recipients or fellowship sponsors and the scores reported to those institutions. The report will carry the cumulative record of scores reported within the last five years.

The official score reports sent to the institutions you designate will include your contact information, intended graduate major GRE test score(s) and the associated percentile ranks.

The score reports sent to institutions will not include any information concerning the other score recipients you have chosen. Additionally, institution score reports include only the scores that you selected to send to them using the ScoreSelect option. There will be no special indication if you have taken additional GRE tests.

Photos and essay responses from each GRE General Test administration you select from your five-year reportable history will be made available in the ETS Data Manager as part of your score record to the institutions you designated to receive your scores on or after July 1, 2014.

Reportable History

For tests taken on or after July 1, 2016, scores are reportable for five years following your test date. For example, scores for a test taken on July 3, 2019, are reportable through July 2, 2024.

For tests taken prior to July 1, 2016, scores are reportable for five years following the testing year in which you tested (July 1– June 30). For example, scores for a test taken on May 15, 2016, are reportable through June 30, 2021.

GRE scores earned prior to July 2014 are no longer reportable. GRE scores earned in July 2014 are reportable until June 30, 2020.

It takes approximately five business days to process requests to send GRE scores. If you plan to send scores and the date at which your scores are no longer reportable is approaching, allow enough time for processing or your scores may not be sent.

Scores Reported on the GRE General Test

  • Verbal Reasoning 130–170, in 1-point increments
  • Quantitative Reasoning 130–170, in 1-point increments
  • Analytical Writing 0–6, in half-point increments

If no questions are answered for a specific measure (e.g., Verbal Reasoning), then you will receive a No Score (NS) for that measure.

ScoreSelect Option

The ScoreSelect option lets you decide which test scores to send to the institutions you designate. On test day, as part of your four free score reports, you can send scores from your most recent test or from all the General Test is taken in the last five years.

After test day, you can send scores from your Most Recent, All or Any specific tests for a fee when ordering Additional Score Reports. However, scores for a test administration must be reported in their entirety.

The ScoreSelect option helps you approach test day with more confidence, knowing you can send the scores you feel show your personal best. It is available for both the GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests and can be used by anyone with reportable scores from the last five years.

Some programs require applicants who have taken a GRE test more than once to report the scores from all the tests. So take care to verify the score reporting requirements with the programs to which you are applying.

Those opting for the paper-delivered GRE General Test or a GRE Subject Test will have to make the selections during the test registration.

GRE Test Fees

The GRE General Test fee worldwide is $205 except in Australia  ($230), China ($231.30), Nigeria ($220) and Turkey  ($255) effective from July 1, 2019.

ETS says the fees are subject to change without notice. All fees are inclusive of any value-added tax or similar taxes that ETS is liable to pay. In those places where you are required to account for any local taxes due, the amount remitted to ETS excludes those taxes.

In those circumstances, it will be your sole responsibility to pay those taxes to the local tax authority. ETS will not be collecting and remitting those taxes on the customer’s behalf.

For GRE Subject Tests, the worldwide fee is $150.

Special Handling Requests

  • Late registration fee (paper-delivered test online registration only) $25
  • Standby testing (paper-delivered test only) $50
  • Rescheduling fee—China $53.90
  • Rescheduling fee—All other areas of the world $50
  • Changing your test center $50
  • Changing your Subject Test $50

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