ROI after MBA in UK

Is it worth doing an MBA in UK? A financial times report showed a significant increase in the salary of MBA graduates from popular business schools in the UK. We have given details of the salaries of MBA graduates as follows:

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Universities%Salary Increase*
London Business School105
Cambridge Judge Business School95
Said Business School103
Warwick Business School78
Alliance Manchester Business School103
Cass Business School93
Imperial College Business School64
Durham University Business School107
University of Edinburgh Business School68
Lancaster University

*The salary difference in alumnus salary before and after completing MBA in UK

Below is a graphical representation of the weighted salaries given to MBA graduates from the best business schools in the UK, along with their tuition fees:

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ROI for Students pursuing MBA in UK


Business SchoolProgram FeesWeighted Salaries
London Business School87900139497
Cambridge Judge Business School57000132314
Said Business School59490127496
Warwick Business School4045095210
Alliance Manchester Business School44000104725
Cass Business School44000108739
Imperial College Business School5350099448
Durham University Business School3150089889
University of Edinburgh Business School3250087307

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