NMAT 2019 Examination Dates

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Past Events

NMAT 2019 Final Result31-Mar-2020
NMAT 2019 Preliminary Result15-Jan-2020
Retake Registration for NMAT 201905-Oct-2019 to 14-Dec-2019
NMAT 2019 Retake Scheduling05-Oct-2019 to 14-Dec-2019
NMAT 2019 Late Registration04-Oct-2019 to 14-Oct-2019
NMAT 2019 Exam Window04-Oct-2019 to 17-Dec-2019
NMAT 2019 Registration02-Jul-2019 to 03-Oct -2019
NMAT 2019 Scheduling02-Jul-2019 to 16-Oct-2019
NMAT 2019 Re-scheduling02-Jul-2019 to 14-Dec -2019

These dates have been released by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The NMAT 2019 registration commenced on July 2, 2019. Candidates can check the table below for all the dates connected with NMAT 2019.

NMAT by GMAC Registration Dates 2019

NMAT Registrations starts (first exam)02-July-2019
NMAT Registrations ends (first exam)03-Oct-2019
NMAT Registration starts (with late fees)04-Oct-2019
NMAT Late registration ends14-Oct-2019
Registration starts for NMAT exam re-take05-Oct-2019
Registration ends for exam re-take14-Dec-2019

NMAT Exam Dates 2019

Details of NMAT 2019 exam dates, scheduling, rescheduling, retake exam dates, highlighted below:

NMAT exam scheduling begins02-July-2019 to 16-Oct-2019
Re-scheduling02-July-2019 to 14-Dec-2019
NMAT exam dates04-Oct-2019 to 17-Dec-2019
Exam scheduling for re-take05-Oct-2019 to 14-Dec-2019

NMAT 2019 is conducted for a period of 75 days and the results are announced soon after the exam. The result dates for NMAT by GMAC is mentioned in the table below:

NMAT Result Dates 2019

Check result dates of NMAT 2019 below:

  • NMAT 2019 Score Availability: 15-Jan-2020
  • NMAT Final Result and Scorecard Download: 31-Mar-2020

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