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Best GMAT Books 2021-2022

The strategy you use to prepare for the GMAT can make or break your score. The books and resources you rely on are a critical component of your study plan. Some can be needlessly tough and distract you from a balanced GMAT prep strategy while others can lull you into a false sense of complacence. 

Add to this the fact that the GMAT test format keeps changing regularly and picking the right books becomes paramount. Aspirants preparing for GMAT should follow the latest books to stay on top of the changes – so say no second hand books to play it safe. 

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Self-study is recommended for GMAT for the following reasons:


You can create a plan curated for your needs.


You don’t have to compete with the other students in the class and can go at your own pace.

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You can study when you are free and break up the syllabus as you see fit.

It is a good idea to get a clear picture of what to expect in your MBA journey before preparing for the GMAT as the score you need to target will be dependent on the course or B-School you need to target to get to your goal. Scour through our extensive articles base, and to get a hang of what you need from your GMAT preparation right till you land an internships or job.

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Once you’ve got clarity, you can start prepping for GMAT. No matter how good the quality of books you buy for GMAT, you have to discipline yourself to have the patience to follow the book and the schedule – great books by themselves do not assure a great score!

The Official Guide For GMAT

If you get overwhelmed with numerous books sitting at your desk, you can prepare with a single and possibly the best guide book, the Official Guide for GMAT. You can read why everyone considers the GMAT Official Guide to be the best book for GMAT.

Get it on Amazon.

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Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides (Set of 3 Books)

This is the updated version of Manhattan’s previous 10 book version of the same guides – maybe test takers were getting overwhelmed looking at 10 books and Manhattan did the smart thing by offering it in a shorter more concise looking package. Manhattan says the content hasn’t changed and you will still be getting the full Monty as far as information goes.

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People who have the patience and the perseverance to go through every aspect possible can refer to this set of books for GMAT preparation and the set’s thoroughness will certainly help you build concrete concepts. You can also purchase the individual books instead of the entire collection for specific portions.

Get it here: Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides (Updated set of 3 Books)

Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus with 6 Practice Tests + Strategies + Online + Mobile & Kaplan GMAT 800

If the other guides seem too easy, you could raise the difficulty level with the Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus. It includes comprehensive instructions for GMAT. You can try it out after completing the GMAT Official Guide as a booster.

Get it here: Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus

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Got to love the psychological marketing at play with Kaplans branding of its GMAT 800 for ‘advanced students’ – know any students who think of themselves as a joe six pack GMAT test taker?

Top GMAT Quantitative/ Math Books

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Book

This book contains much more in-depth material than required in a primary GMAT Official Guide. You can refer to it after you have dealt with the basics with the Official Guide 2021. It contains advanced level guidance. It also includes several sample GMAT questions.

Get it on Amazon

Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook

This guide has received both positive and negative feedback. Some have found it useful to understand the basics, while some have found it unnecessarily easy. In our opinion, you can use it if you are a beginner.

Get it here: Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook

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Best GMAT Verbal Books

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Book

This guide is from the Official Guide for GMAT range. You can use it to get the feel of the real test. It is prudent to get your verbal concepts clarified before getting into this more detailed guide into the verbal section or you may feel lost to early on in your prep.

Get it on Amazon.

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Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide

This book is a favorite among Indians and international MBA aspirants for the easy-to-grasp SC guidance, while some non-native test takers (those who’s mother tongue is not English by virtue of not being born in a country where English is the primary language), may find it slightly difficult to comprehend.  

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Interestingly, while researching this book, we got to know that Shikhar Mohan, the Founder of this website had also used this book in his GMAT prep. We asked him what made the book useful. As per him the best aspect of this book was how it covered each and every aspect comprehensively and that it didn’t shy away from tougher concepts. 

Get it here: Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide

Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook         

Like the other Kaplan guide books, this intends to guide students beyond the basics. People who want to use advanced strategies to solve verbal questions can refer to it.

Get it here: Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook

Best GMAT Forums

Several forums offer free study materials like GMAT Club &  Beat the GMAT. These provide you with the opportunity to interact with like-minded people and GMAT experts.

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You can also post your doubts in the comments section below, and we will help you clear them out.

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