GMAT Results – Overall Scores & Percentile Scores

We live an an Instagram age – everything is instant. Why should GMAT scores be any different?

Take the GMAT 2021 and you can easily check your scores in real-time, once your exam is over. Once you are done with your exam, you will be provided with the option to either accept or reject the non-official score – rejecting the score means the score will be cancelled and not appear on your GMAT score record. This option is useful if the score you get isn’t up to your usual performance and is something you want to keep away from admission committees.

GMAT Percentiles, Scaled instant Scores & Results 

Students can also download their official GMAT Exam result 2021, 20 days later from the account they created on the GMAT website.

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Understanding GMAT Percentiles & Scores 

Once you have taken the GMAT 2021 exam, your results will comprise of five scores:  Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal, and Total. The total score that you get in GMAT is a subtotal of your Verbal and Quantitative scores. Interestingly, your total scores remain unaffected by your performance in Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning.

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GMAT Percentile Scores

Besides this, you also receive a percentile scores that is a measure of your score against that of all candidates appearing for the GMAT exam. For example, if you score a total of 90 percentile in the Verbal section, your score is better  than that of 90 percent of all aspirants attempting the GMAT exam in 2021.

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GMAT Scaled Score to Percentile Score Conversion Chart


Scaled ScorePercentileScaled ScorePercentile

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GMAT Percentile Scores for Verbal, Quant, IR and Analytical Writing 

Score percentiles in individual sections and the marks required to get the percentile are given below:


SectionScore range25%ile50%ile75%ile90%ile
Analytical Writing0-644.55.56
Integrated Reasoning0-8356.57.5
Total Scaled Score200-800470570650710


GMAT Score Statistics

If we take a look back in time, twenty years ago the average GMAT score for top B-school stood somewhere around 600. Fast forward to the present where rising competition has led to the need for higher scores to get admitted to an MBA course.

However, it should be noted that it’s not only your GMAT score which top colleges look for – admissions committees will consider applicant’s traits such as diversity, achievements, etc. Read How To Get Admission Despite Low GMAT.

These are the factors that help students with low GMAT scores to gain admissions in several institutions. In case you are relying sorely on a high score and lack some of the traits that are listed above, you need to target a total score of 730 (99th percentile) to secure your chances of admission in business school ranked in the top-ten. If you have a more all rounded profile, a 670-690 can also be a competitive score. Read Also Read – Going Beyond GMAT and GPA in MBA Admissions 

If we look at an average score that’s acceptable at most business schools, the GMAT cutoff for the top MBA programs at some of the best universities across the globe falls in the 700-730 range.

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As per the GMAC data, the average GMAT scores in India and the total number of candidates who gave the exam shows some interesting results.

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These scores put India at 14th position on the total list of countries with highest score average, nation-wise. To sum it up, a total 25,268 exams were attended in India and the average GMAT score is 577.

Also if you perchance don’t want to take the GMAT due to any limitation, you may be interested in finding business schools without GMAT requirement.

If you prepping for GMAT, it will be a good idea to understand ILETS score, GRE Score Report, PTE Score, and TOEFL Score.

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