GMAT Registration – How To Schedule The GMAT Exam?

Candidates can take the GMAT when their heart desires, as long as the desired time slot at your test centre of choise, is available. However, with a growing number of GMAT hopefuls, unearthing your coveted time slot can be tough.

Therefore, when you book your time slot, ensure that your chosen test center is available.

Though entrants can give the exam at any time, they can only re-attempt the exam after 16 days of making their first attempt. Also, an applicant cannot give the exam more than five times in a year.

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How to Register For GMAT Exam 2021?

To schedule your GMAT exam, follow the steps given below:

Steps to register for GMAT

Step 1

Visit the official GMAT website (


Step 2

Applicant must create his/her account.


GMAC Graphic 1


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Step 3

Give personal details like name, address, etc.



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Step 4

Give particulars of your academics and/or career.



Step 5

Verify and submit your details.

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Step 6

When scheduling your exam, choose either your nearest or preferred test center.

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Step 7

Pick your preferred date and time slot.


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Step 8

Pay the GMAT Registration fee online through debit or credit card.



Step 9

Once you pay the fee, your GMAT Registration concludes. Congrats, you are one step closer to taking the GMAT exam!

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GMAT Slot Booking

With the buildup in the number of GMAT-seekers, it is sensible to register for GMAT with time to spare. Ideally, reserve the time slot, at least 30 days before your assessment date. Annually, the peak season for GMAT starts around November. Accordingly, try to book the time slot for GMAT 3-4 months before your examination date around May or June.

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Besides online registration, GMAT candidates can also register:

1-Via Phone

This can be done by calling the regional GMAT Customer Service. In this case, candidates must pay US $10 surcharge.

2-Via Postal Mail

This can be done by paying through a cheque.

GMAT test centers in India

The GMAT (an on-demand exam) is organized throughout the year in the following GMAT test centers in India: Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Bangalore, Kochi, Indore, Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Coimbatore, Jaipur, and Kolkata. Look at this page to find the nearest GMAT test centre to you.

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Rescheduling And Cancelling GMAT 

Rescheduling of GMAT exam can happen via two important methods: online and phone.

If you call off GMAT exam more than 7 days before than the test day, you will be refunded US$ 80.

You can reschedule a date upto 7 days before the GMAT exam by paying a $50 fee.

If however, you want to assign a new time for your GMAT exam within 7 days of the test date, then you must pay $250.  Also, bear in mind that you cannot re-schedule the GMAT exam on the test day.

If rescheduling GMAT exam using phone, then you must pay $10 surcharge plus the $50 rescheduling fee.

You might also want to know the registration process for GRE, the registration process for ILETS and the registration process for PTE.

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Accommodations for disabled GMAT Test-Takers

GMAC (the official GMAT conducting organization) has progressed to make the GMAT exam widely accessible. Disabled candidates can give their GMAT exam with ease, as long as they fulfill certain eligibility criteria and correctly record their request. For instance, the GMAT test provides the facility of text to speech software for visually challenged GMAT test takers

Differently abled GMAT aspirants who require accommodation must complete the following steps:

1. They must create an account on

2. They must then complete the GMAT Exam Accommodations Request Form.

3. Together with the completed form, they must attach medical/clinical documentation.

4. Next, they must mail/ fax the completed GMAT Accommodation Form plus all supporting documents to Pearson Vue.

5. Keep in mind that emails will not be accepted.

6. Once their documents are received, applicants can expect an email confirmation within four business days and a decision on their request within a month.

7. When their documents are approved, applicants can schedule an appointment for their GMAT exam.

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GMAT Registration FAQs

Got questions about GMAT 2021-2022 Registrations? Check out our FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Q: What is the cost of a GMAT exam?

A: A GMAT exam costs US $250. But, if the candidate wants to cancel or reschedule the exam, then they will have to bear additional costs. The cancellation fee for GMAT exam is US $80, while rescheduling costs an additional US $250.

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Q: What is the difference between GMAT and GRE?

A: GMAT is a standardized test for getting into a leading business school. A few business schools have also started accepting GRE.

The GMAT, like GRE, comprises of a Quantitative and a Verbal section. Furthermore, two sections are combined in the GMAT exam to give a composite score of 800. Read GMAT Vs. GRE for more information.

Q: How to register for GMAT 2020?

A: As the GMAT exam is conducted throughout the year, one can appear for this exam anytime.
Steps to register for GMAT 2020:
1-Register on the official website of GMAT.
2-Fill the required details. Next, create an ID and password.
3-Pay the US$250 application fee.
4-Candidates can pay either online or offline.
5-After completing the entire process, GMAT candidates must log in and book the date and place of the exam.

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