SNAP Examination Analysis

As a standardized aptitude test, SNAP is considered to be among those in the easy to moderate difficulty range. In other words, it is not very easy test by any means but one in which well-prepared candidate could hope to score well. Let’s take a look at SNAP 2019 to get a fair idea of what to expect this year.

Test takers found SNAP 2019 test to be moderately difficult. VARC and LR questions were rather easy while DI and Quant sections proved to be tough. Here are some of the highlights of SNAP 2019 exam.

  • While SNAP 2019 question paper was on the whole moderate, candidates had to contend with lengthy questions in Quant and tricky ones in vocabulary.
  • While General English was considered easy, vocabulary questions (antonyms and synonyms) were tough. In the Logical Reasoning section, candidates had to face lengthy questions. Despite a couple of easy caselets, overall the section was difficult.
  • A-LR section had a large number of analytical questions. Most of the questions were rather lengthy in Quantitative, DI and DS sections.
  • Career Launcher had estimated that an overall score of 85 will be merit interview calls from SIBM, Pune and SCMHRD.

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SNAP 2019 Analysis: Section-wise Difficulty Level

The total number of questions in SNAP 2019 question paper was 110. Here’s a section-wise break up of questions and difficulty level as observed by the experts.

ScetionsQuestionsMarks per Correct AnswerTotal MarksDifficulty
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability341.551Easy
Analytical and Logical Reasoning361.554Easy
Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency(Normal)35135Medium
Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency(Special)5210Difficult

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SNAP 2019 Analysis: Section-wise Good Attempts

An overall score of 85 would get the candidates 98 percentile. Have a look at the table for section-wise good attempts in SNAP 2019.

SectionGood Score
General English35
Analytical and Logical Reasoning32-33
Quant, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency20-22

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SNAP 2019 Analysis: Question Paper Break-up

SNAP 2019 question paper was based on the new exam pattern. The Current Affairs section was scrapped and the number of Special Questions was only 5 in Quant. Check the new SNAP exam pattern below.

SectionsTotal QuestionsNormal QuestionsMarks Per Correct AnswerSpecial QuestinsMarks per correct answerTotal Marks
General English34341.50051
Analytical and Logical Reasoning36361.50054
Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency403515245

Section-wise SNAP 2019 Analysis

General English

Of the total 34 questions in the General English section, 26 were Verbal Ability (VA) questions and 8 Reading Comprehension (RC) questions. Majority of the questions were vocabulary-based and proved to easy. Likewise, grammar-based questions were uncomplicated. Most candidates could deal with VA questions with a high degree of accuracy.  The RC passages presented no difficulties in understanding the content. An article from the Economist titled “Panda on Hong Kong’s line about the Chinese takeover of Hong Kongwas the piece selected for the long passage. The shorter passage was an excerpt from the Dalai Lama’s book The Art of Happiness.

TopicsQuestionsDifficulty Level
RC85 easy and 3 moderate
Grammar75 easy and 2 moderate
Vocabulary1912 easy and 7 moderate

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29-30 questions with 85% accuracy are considered a good score in General English section of SNAP 2019.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

The Analytical & Logical Reasoning section of SNAP 2019 had a majority of standalone questions. Of the total 35 questions, 26 were standalone and 9 set-based. While a set of 6 was on Linear Arrangement with a single row another set of 3 questions was on scheduling. Of the three questions In verbal reasoning, two dealt with analogies and one with statement conclusion. As in the previous year, five questions were on mathematical concepts and two on science.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Visual Reasoning21 moderate and 1 difficult
Arrangement6All easy
Blood Relations3Easy
Number sequence1Moderate
Clocks32 easy and 1 moderate
Quantitative Ability42 easy and 2 moderate
Verbal Reasoning32 easy and 1 moderate
Miscellaneous32 easy and 1 moderate

An attempt of 27-28 questions with 85% accuracy is considered a good attempt in Analytical and Logical Reasoning section.

Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

As in the previous year, this section of SNAP 2019 had no data sufficiency questions. Of the total 40 questions, 12 dealt with Data Interpretation and 28 with Quantitative Aptitude (including 5 Special Questions). Two sets on Venn diagram had 4 and 2 questions respectively. Other two sets based on Table and two pie charts, featured 3 questions each.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty level
Numbers31 easy and 2 moderate
Arithmetic106 easy and 4 moderate
Geometry62 easy, 1 moderate and 3 difficult
Modern Mathematics72 easy, 3 moderate and 2 difficult
Algebra21 easy and 1 moderate
Venn diagram, Tables, 2 Pie Charts123 easy, 8 moderate and 1 difficult

An attempt of 20-22 questions with 85% accuracy will be considered a good attempt in this section.

SNAP Exam Analysis (2018)

Now have a look at SNAP 2018. Overall, while the paper was on the easier side, a  change in the paper pattern incorporating Special Questions with double marking scheme proved tricky side, especially in GK and Quantitative Ability sections. The focus was more on the analytical skills with detailed puzzles and reading comprehension passages testing the candidate’s interpretation skills.

SNAP 2018 sectionsNumber of QuestionsGood Attempts
General English3528-32
Quantitative Ability3522-25
Current Affairs2512-14
Logical Reasoning3520-22

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SNAP 2019 Analysis FAQ

FAQs on SNAP Exam analysis 

Q: How difficult is the SNAP test?

A: The difficulty level of SNAP test is usually easy to moderate. However, you need to be prepared for tough or tricky questions in some sections.

Q: What is a good attempt in SNAP exam?

A: Normally, 80 questions with an accuracy of 85-90% should be good in SNAP.

Q: Will SNAP 2020 cut-offs be higher than last year?

A: It will depend on the difficulty level of the SNAP 2020 question paper. If the question paper is easy the cut offs could be high and if it is difficult, the cut offs could be on the lower side.

Q: What if I perform badly in one of the sections? Will it affect my overall score?

A: The overall SNAP score is dependent on your performance in each section. So, you should aim for doing well in all the three sections to get an overall good score.

Q: What type of RC passages will be there in SNAP 2020? Will they be tougher than CAT 2020?

A: The RC passages of SNAP exam are of moderate difficulty and not as tough as those in CAT 2020.

Q: What are the Quant topics of SNAP exam?

A: Most of the questions are on Percentages, Mensuration, Simplification, Geometry and Linear Equations.

Q: How much marks will be deducted for the wrong answer in SNAP?

A: 25% marks will be deducted for every wrong answer

Q: Can I skip questions in SNAP? Is there negative marking for skipping questions?

A: Yes, skipping questions is allowed in SNAP. There is no negative marking for skipping questions.

Q: Does SNAP have sectional cut off?

A: No, SNAP exam does not have sectional cut off. However, a good sectional score will improve your chances of getting selected for GE/PI.

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