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2 Competition Prizes For IIMU PGPX

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2 Competition Prizes For IIMU PGPX

Postby Prabhat » Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:04 am

This is a discussion on the news article "IIMU PGPX Students Win Two Competition Prizes At Krannert School"

IIM Udaipur’s PGPX students have distinguished themselves by wining two competition prizes during their semester at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management.

PGPX is a joint dual degree program between IIMU and the Krannert School of Management in the United States.

Gourav Singhal and Akarsh Kosuri secured first and second positions in the Poster Presentation competition as part of the 29th edition of the Smart Lean Ecosystems Manufacturing Conference at Purdue in September.

The students showcased their learnings from their recent corporate internships and impressed the judges with their analytical and presentation skills, IIMU said in a release.

A team of four PGPX students secured the third place in the Stamina Case Competition organized by the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC) at the Krannert School.

Over three rounds, teams from Purdue and Indiana University competed against each other to analyze a business case and prepare a convincing presentation in just four hours.

The team comprising Akarsh Kosuri, Anupam Mohanty, Sumit Pant and Syed Omar Alam won a cash prize of US$ 600.

This competition is between students from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and Krannert. In the preliminary round, students in groups of four prepared presentations on a case in 4 hours. Based on their presentations 12 teams were shortlisted.

These teams presented their analysis and recommendations before a panel of judges. The judges finally selected 4 teams which would represent Purdue in the finals. In the final round, 4 teams from Krannert faced an equal number of teams from Kelley.

In the first-round on September 20, 2016, more than 20 teams participated. The received sealed envelopes containing the business case. Each team had 4 hours to complete their presentation starting from 8 pm.

The case was about an organization which provided relief to animals affected by natural or man-made disasters in the US. The team was to recommend locations in the US from where the organization could reach disaster zones in the least amount of time.

The recommendation had to be based on an analysis of the most disaster-prone zones. The team also had to suggest analytical tools to manage the number of volunteers as well as estimate the number of animals supported during disaster. The suggestions had to be cost effective also as the organisation was in non-profit caegory.

Following the shortlisting of the IIMU team, the presentation was made before a panel of judges. The team members later confessed to have made some errors. The net result was the team did not get selected in the final four teams.

However, following the backing out of two teams from the competition, the IIMU team got a second chance. Learning from the past mistakes and even receiving help and advice from one of the competiting teams, they managed to put together a presentation. The judges' feedback was positive. The winners were later announced at a formal dinner at the historic Purdue Memorial Union.

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