Harness Technology To Business, Go In For Johnson Cornell Tech MBA


The increasing transformative power of technology in business, ranging from marketing and customer relations to product development and supply chain calls for innovative and entrepreneurial players.

The 1-year Johnson-Cornell Tech MBA provides students the leadership, management and teamwork skills for dynamic tech companies and product teams. The program has the same foundational curriculum as the school’s other MBA programs.

More Benefits in Less Time

Being a One-Year MBA, participants need to stay away from the workforce for far less time than a 2-year program. By being able to resume career earlier than the 2-year cohorts, they also spend lesser time for return of investment.

It also costs far less. The total fees for Tech MBA is $137,121 and for regular 1-year MBA $130,973. The 2-year MBA fees in the first year itself , works out to $87,444.

Program Schedule

The Tech MBA has an immersive first semester at Cornell’s Ithaca campus for core business courses with other Johnson MBA students.

Students have to undertake a Product Studio project with a cross-functional team that includes law, engineering and computer science students to develop a technology-driven solution to a strategic business need of a real client.

Yet another project is a Startup Studio for student teams to develop a new business idea from concept to launch.

Location Advantage

Location-wise, Cornell offers the advantage of being in the heart of New York City’s vibrant tech start-up community, working with faculty members whose research and ideas–as well as their own entrepreneurial activity–are shaping the evolution of technology and business.

Students will also rub shoulders with some of the nation’s most innovative business leaders so that students gain the experience, the network and the name recognition needed to compete and succeed in any market.

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Eligibility Requirements

The Tech MBA is for those who combine passion for technology and  entrepreneurial spirit. Strong digital experience with a background in science and engineering preferred.

A digital background includes activities such as digital marketing, design, software development, prototyping and other related activities.

Overall, the Admissions Committee expects each candidate to be a critical thinker, demonstrated leader, strong communicator and problem solver.

ForumThe Admissions Committee renders its decisions based on previous academic success, professional achievements, character and professional promise.

Topics covered are Data Science, Digital Marketing, Business Models, Startup Finance,Tech Strategy and Negotiations. (Image Courtesy: Johnson Graduate School of Management)


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