Hop Across Continents While Doing International Management MBA


MBA in International Management is a one-year full-time program at ESCP Europe Business School that allows cohorts to opt for and study one semester each in any two campuses in Europe and its partners Asia.

While international MBA is offered by several b-schools, some in a multi-campus format, ESCP has taken the concept one step further, by giving the students the option to switch cities across continents during the program.

ESCP has six campuses across Europe– London, Paris, Turin, Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw. It has extended its footprint in Asia by partnering with Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) and MDI Gurgaon (India).

The AMBA (Association of MBAs) accredited course aims at providing young professionals with the business skills and mindset for a successful international career.

Eligibility Norms

Applicants should possess Bachelor or Master degree, Maîtrise, Licenciatura, Laurea Magistrale or equivalent in any discipline along with minimum 3 years’ work experience.

Those with less experience who demonstrate exceptional maturity and outstanding leadership through their professional and personal experiences will also be considered. They should be proficient in English.

The Program Schedule

The MBA in International Management begins every September. The application process operates on a rolling deadline system from December to July.

The Fees

For September 2017 intake, the Program fee is Euro 32,000 along with a Deposit of Euro 5,000 and an application fee of Euro 170.

Study Details

The program covers all the functional areas of management and provides a multicultural hands-on experience.

Active participation of the students, including the sharing of ideas and experience are fundamental learning methods during the 9 months of intensive course work involving 500 teaching hours. Participants are allowed to choose 4 electives from a portfolio of 20 courses as also  two Company Consultancy Projects.

An international faculty of 130 members help students enhance their critical thinking and the ability to reinvent and imagine new ways of doing business.

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Students get a unique opportunity to live and study in two different countries or continents. The class comprises students of 25 to 35 different nationalities coming from a wide range of backgrounds.

Career Guidance and Opportunities

A four to six month-internship option (starting after course requirements are completed) is available to students looking to change their career path and acquire knowledge in a new area increasing their employability across different sectors.

They will be able to select from among the 20,000 annual jobs and internships offers. Alternatively, they could create or join a startup.

Students could also network with 4000 colleagues and executives as also with 45,000 alumni in diverse functions and activity sector across more than 150 countries.

Through the combination of the Careers Service, the Alumni Association and job fairs, ESCP Europe receives 20,000 internship and job opportunities each year.(Image Source:google.com)


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