IIM Udaipur to Host Summer School for Future Leaders


IIM Udaipur will host a 6-week Summer School for Future Leaders from June 17 to July 29, 2017 organized by the Center for Development Management at IIM Udaipur and the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, USA.

The Summer School brings together students from Duke and prominent Indian universities with early career staff members from Indian non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

It is aimed at future development leaders seeking careers in the academic field, in practical areas of development and related sectors dealing with contemporary socio-political challenges.

Each participant will be part of a three-member team made up of a student from Duke University, a student from an Indian University and a young NGO professional.

Each team will spend two and half weeks in the field hosted by a regional NGO working in rural villages or urban slums.

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The teams will identify gaps in existing responses to community needs and create a detailed project proposal for the NGO including a needs appraisal, implementation plan, budget and cost-benefit analysis. The proposal will be in a form suitable for presentation to potential funders.

Each team would also study the ownership and governance structure of the NGO and assess its strengths and weaknesses with respect to implementation and financial sustainability.

Participants will earn a certificate from IIM Udaipur on conclusion of the program.


Course work will include Concepts and Theories of Development; Investigative Research Tools and Methods; Managing Development;

Professional Skills and Development, including grant writing and data presentation.

Eligibility criteria

For applicants from Indian universities and colleges a Master’s degree is mandatory (or must have appeared for final exam of final year of degree).

Work experience is preferred but not required. The program is not open to Ph.D. students

For applicants from NGOs and Social Enterprises a Bachelor’s degree is mandatory along with work experience of 5 years. A Master’s degree is preferred but not required.

Candidates have to submit the online application form with supporting documents and Statement of purpose by January 22, 2017. They will also undergo a telephonic interview.

Participants will receive a full scholarship. There will be a token charge of Rs. 15,000. All other program costs including accommodation and boarding will be covered by the scholarship.

The program is fully residential. Students will stay in IIMU student hostels while taking classes in Udaipur. During field visits, host NGOs will arrange home stays with local families.(Image Source: Pixbay)


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