IIMC Launches LEAD Program to Enhance Business Knowledge Skills


IIM Calcutta has launched LEAD, a 1-year program specifically designed for professionals seeking to refresh their business knowledge, managerial capabilities and leadership acumen, in collaboration with training.com, a multi-modal learning platform by NIIT.

The live online expert-led component will be delivered through training.com. The program includes 40 days campus visit at IIM Calcutta. It involves campus visits of 10 days each and 60 hours of project sessions conducted online.

Eligibility Criteria

You should be a working professional with minimum 15 years of experience in a position not more than two levels below the CEO of the organization or may be proprietor/director of large corporations that has a turnover above Rs. 500 crore.

Quarterly Modules

LEAD is an acronym for Learn, Enhance, Aspire, Deliver. It is divided into four quarterly modules. Each module will be of 10 days. Thus, the 40 day in-campus schedule, in four distinct modules, will be delivered at intervals of 11 weeks each. Each module brings together faculty from different disciplines in management to provide participants a broad engagement with an overarching senior managerial capability.

The first module, Learn, aims to help participants achieve functional proficiency in the fundamental disciplines of management, such as Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR.

The second module, Enhance strives to increase the participants’ cognitive capacity by exposing them to experts on higher-order managerial capabilities such as design thinking and strategic analysis.

The third module, Aspire hopes to create an urge among participants to tackle contemporary challenges in management by imbibing for example, an appreciation for the digital disruption across industries and the ongoing character of innovation in organizations.

The fourth and final module, Deliver, would help participants gain insights on how to deliver distinctive execution inside organizations through a deep immersion in lectures, exercises and case discussions around themes such as leadership and change. Workshops would also be held with present or past CEOs reflecting on their experiences.

The participants will also be required to successfully complete a comprehensive project. Each project will be supervised by an IIMC faculty. There will be online briefing sessions, progress seminars and final presentation. All project elements will be delivered online.

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They stand to benefit by learning through a balance of cutting-edge management theory and deeply engaged practice followed by personal development through reflection and feedback. They also get a chance to have meaningful conversations and networking opportunities with successful peers and professionals across a variety of industries.

On completion of the programme, the participant will receive a certificate of successful completion from IIM Calcutta. The candidates will also be awarded Alumni status by IIM Calcutta.

Program Fees & Payment Options

The program fee is Rs. 4,59,000 plus 15% service tax. There is also an option to pay the fee in instalments under which the first instalment of Rs. 9000 is to be paid on application, the second instalment of Rs. 180000 on registration, the third instalment of Rs. 135000 on April 2017 and the fourth instalment of Rs. 135000 in June 2017. A service tax of 15% will be charged on all transactions.

An application fee of Rs. 9000 + 15% service tax has to be paid at the time of application. In case the candidate is selected, the amount will be adjusted in the program fee. If the candidate is not selected, the application fee, including service tax, will be refunded.

However, the application fee will not be refunded if the application is found to be incomplete or inaccurate at any stage of scrutiny or if the applicant does not join before the date mentioned in the offer letter.

A mandatory Campus Module fee is to be paid via Demand Draft drawn in favour of IIM Calcutta, before every campus visit. This amount includes boarding and lodging. Travel arrangements (including travel expenses) for the campus visit have to be made by the participants themselves.

Total campus visit fee (for both campus modules) is Rs. 2,40,000 plus applicable tax payable directly to IIMC. This amount will be paid over two instalments, before the beginning of each campus visit (Rs. 60,000 for each visit).(Image Source:wikipedia)


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