HEC Montreal MBA Curriculum 

The course curriculum is customized and as mentioned in the beginning, aims at a practical approach right from the starting to the end of the session. There are various courses available and one can choose according to his interests and career goals.

Compulsory Courses

Following are the compulsory courses to study:

Introduction and orientation: The introduction shall start with a Teambuilding Workshop. After which, preparatory classes are held in regards to managing with Financial Information. Further, the orientation programme involves Case Analysis and Professional Development for an all-round introductory process for the students.

Management simulation: This on-line simulation lets you practice the manager’s craft and learn how to make consistent decisions as a team. The course also serves to rapidly establish the ground rules upon which your team will be built during the first phase of the MBA. It allows you to make practical decisions and excel in managerial skills. The foundations, of course, are included that would help in the first phase of the MBA program.

  • Module 1 | The manager’s craft and tools
  • Module 2 | Business environment and concepts
  • Module 3 | Value-creation challenges
  • Module 4 | Putting it into practice: managing processes and systems

Elective Courses 

Choosing among the 9 elective courses, also offered in both English and French.

  • Consulting
  • Digital Business
  • Strategy and International Business
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Economics
  • A short graduate program in TIC (Technological Innovation and Commercialization)

Projects to work on 

Consulting field project: Applying what you’ve learned and taken from the industry-related challenges. The organization will test your skills and learning in the project and assign a task according to your professional interests.

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