What is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they consider higher studies in a foreign country? Language proficiency test scores, of course.

Courses Abroad without IELTS requirement

When you plan on going abroad for higher studies, you are first required to clear examinations that test your ability to read, write and speak English. Exams like IELTS and TOEFL are examples of such examinations. Getting a good score in such tests can be quite a challenge for non-native English speakers. Also in case of an unsuccessful first attempt, your expenses are only adding up, not to mention how time-consuming this entire process is.

Though the language proficiency test score is the main criteria for selection into the top universities, there are many universities that do not require these scores for admission. There are several good institutions in UK and Europe that grant admission based on your English scores at school level and proficiency of the English language. It is absolutely necessary to scrutinize the requirements stated by different international universities to better understand them if you wish to study abroad without having to appear for the IELTS exam.

There are several universities in countries like Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, and Norway that also grant admission without IELTS or TOEFL. However, students need to attend a Pathway program, which is for a period of nine to fifteen months. With the help of this program, students can get admission to universities that do not accept high school results.

In many universities in Canada, the English language proficiency test is not needed, provided the candidate has studied for four or more years in an education system that considers English as the primary language.

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Study in UK without IELTS

To study in a college without having to write the IELTS, a score of 70% or more is needed in the twelfth standard exam. Excellent oral and written communications skill in English is also necessary.

Well-known institutes like Sheffield Hallam University, Birmingham City University and University of Warwick grant admission without considering the IELTS or TOEFL results. Brunel University, The University of Lincoln, Bangor University and Robert Gordon University also grants admission to students without the results of TOEFL or IELTS. These universities offer multi-disciple courses for both undergraduates and graduates. Students are also eligible for admission if their last educational institution certifies that the medium of study was conducted in English.

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Study in Canada without IELTS

Many countries abide by specific rules for admitting international students without IELTS. For instance, if you have attended a school or lived in a country for the last four years where English is considered as the primary language of instruction, then you are not required to provide language proficiency proof. The Concordia University, Brock University, and Memorial University are some such universities. However, aspirants have to fulfill other criteria as specified by these universities.

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Study in US without IELTS

Admissions at a few universities in the US also do not require English proficiency test scores. For instance, students who have completed a one-year full-time study at any US institution are not required to meet the criteria of applying through IELTS or TOEFL. Similarly, the State University of New York gives admission to students who have cleared the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). Also, Pace University offers Pathways Program to students who do not meet the English language requirements. Students can also apply to the New York Institute of Technology without clearing the IELTS; however, they do have to meet certain other criteria declared by the university.

Study in Europe without IELTS

Universities in countries like Germany, Holland, and Norway has provisions for international students to apply in their universities without giving the IELTS, provided the candidate has exceptional communication skills and can prove that their prior education was conducted entirely in English.

Not having to give the IELTS exam for pursuing studies in a foreign country has both advantages and disadvantages. Before applying for admission at universities that do not require an IELTS score, it is crucial to gain a complete understanding of the admission process. Thoroughly check all the requirements mentioned on the websites of these universities. Though this option of not writing the IELTS is beneficial to many, it can be quite expensive in many cases. If you belong to a non-English speaking country then you need to prove your proficiency in the English language.

An overview of the main points to keep in mind before applying to Universities that do not need language proficiency test scores:

  • Candidates should be able to produce supporting documents to prove that they pursued their education at an English medium institution.
  • Candidates should be able to submit proof that they have studied English as a subject from eighth to twelfth standards.
  • Candidates will have to appear for telephonic or video interviews, as per the specific requirements of the university for the purpose of assessment.

The biggest challenge while applying to foreign universities is to suitably qualify as per the requirements of IELTS and TOEFL exam. We hope that based on our research, we have been able to guide you and help you better understand the process of applying to different colleges that do not require an IELTS score.

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