Course Structure for IIMK’s PGP-BL Program 

Program Design

An International immersion module, an industry engagement and the placement assistance are the integral part of this PGP – BL program. The program is designed to have 5 terms and each term is of 8 to 9 weeks.

The course modules will be meticulous & relevant, and will stimulate the practical approach. This program will deliver condensed knowledge in all the critical & essential areas of modern business and will be delivered with the help of the following:

  • An International immersion module that merged the international business school experience with industry exposure in other countries
  • Partner companies that will allow candidates working on live in-course projects or across term projects, in the areas that align to candidates specialization

International Immersion

Two weeks international immersion at the top European or U.S University/Business school is the integral part of the program. This will give the candidates, a must required international experience including both educational and cross-cultural learning. This module also includes the interaction and visit at the key local business houses. The educational component of the immersion would have an assessment module, and the subject of learning would be chosen in correlation to the expertise of the country involved, like- Italy for luxury business management, Germany for Innovation/ Design thinking etc.

One the main goal of this immersion module is to enhance the candidates’ knowledge about different aspects of business management in a multicultural environment in this rapidly changing global business environment.

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