Admission Open for One Year MBA at Strathclyde, Program Starts in September 2020


Admission is open for the One Year MBA at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow with the full-time program starting in September 2020.

Strathclyde follows a rolling admission process and application forms are considered by the Admissions Committee as and when they are received. you will get a response within two weeks of submitting the application along with all the required documents.

Admission Open at Strathclyde for one-year MBA, start date September 2020

Eligibility Criteria

You should have a Bachelor’s degree from a university in the UK or an equivalent academic qualification from elsewhere. If you had undertaken your undergraduate degree at a non-UK institution, a copy of your degree transcript should be submitted.

You should be at least 24 years of age with a minimum of three years’ full-time work experience after graduation. You should have handled such roles involving the management of people and resources.

Applicants without the degree level qualifications could opt for the diploma if they have non-degree/professional qualifications along with at least five years of varied management experience of 10 years or more. Exceptional candidates over the age of 24 with a minimum of two years’ managerial experience are considered for options other than full-time MBA.

The Assessment Process

Apart from reviewing the academic and professional qualifications, the Admission Committee also looks out for talented professionals from a wide range of academic, business and cultural backgrounds with interpersonal and team working qualities. The range and nature of their managerial experience are also taken into consideration.

In order to assess these skills, you would be asked to write a number of essays outlining your experience and aspirations along with references supporting your work experience and academic record.

Next, you may be called for a formal interview to discuss your achievements and aspirations. Applicants are also encouraged to visit the school or center and to ask as many questions as you need to clarify your decision.

Admission tests

while GMAT is not a standard requirement of the admission process, strong verbal reasoning and numerical abilities are critical for the MBA and you may be asked to undertake such a test.

Since the MBA program is highly interactive, you should have an excellent command of the English language, in speaking, writing, reading and understanding. A well-balanced minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS is required for those applicants whose first language is not English. Applicants who fall slightly below these standards may also be considered for admission if they are willing to undertake the pre-sessional study.

You also should be competent in using the computer, especially in word processing, the use of spreadsheets and in report writing.

Program Highlights

Strathclyde business school is triple accredited with membership in AMBA, AACSB & EQUIS. You will be spending 10 months of the program in classroom activities, group work and personal development. The remaining two months are for completing the MBA project.

You will get enough time to plan your future and also in reinventing or re-planning your career. A number of classes are designed to help identify your personal strengths and weaknesses.

The intensive nature of the program will make you rely heavily on teamwork throughout,  encouraging cooperation rather than competition. As the full time MBA is normally undertaken by those changing careers or considering starting up their own business, the program has a more formal, integrated career development element.

Even though the minimum requirement is three years’ work experience, the average is more than nine years. Thus, you will be among colleagues with a wealth of experience. They also come from a wide variety of industries, public service and voluntary agencies.

Accounting and financial managers, consultants, engineers, IT specialists and marketing managers are usually found in the class. Medical professionals, civil servants and military officers may also be part of the class.

The class has a maximum intake of around 60 students from around 100 countries. The small class size gives you more opportunities to interact with the faculty and classmates.

Fees & funding

The tuition fee for 2020/21 is pegged at £31,450. While the majority of students on the full-time program are self-funded, UK students can apply to loan schemes. Non-UK students usually raise their own finances through bank loans or scholarships.

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