Admission Open for One Year MBA (PGP) Class of 2021 at ISB


The Indian School of Business (ISB) has announced the schedule for admission to its one year full-time MBA, (the Post-Graduate Program (PGP) in Management) Class of 2021 with the application deadline for Round 1 on September 15, 2019.

ISB says it is looking for versatile and well-rounded individuals who could bring different perspectives to the class and appreciate different points of views. Your extracurricular activities and interests beyond your work life give an insight into your personal qualities.

  • Admission open for PGP Class of 2021. First Round deadline on September 15, 2019, Second Round on December 1, 2019, and Third Round on January 1, 2020.
  • The application fee is Rs 5,000 for Round 1, Rs 7,500 for Round 2 and Rs 10,000 for Round 3
  • The total fees including a refundable security deposit of Rs 20,000 come to Rs 3,463,240 for shared accommodation and Rs     3,607,200 for studio accommodation.

The School also encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds. Diversity in all form of life, like work experience, educational background, nationality, among others is given due consideration.

Admission Rounds

You can apply for the PGP program in any of the three rounds. ISB says while applying in either round does not impact your chances of securing an admission offer, Round 1 applicants stand a better chance of receiving a scholarship. Full tuition fee waivers will be offered only to Round 1 applicants. Besides, they will also get 50% of all merit and need-based waivers.

The Round 2 application deadline is December 1, 2019, and Round 3, January 1, 2020. The application fee is Rs 5,000 for Round 1, Rs 7,500 for Round 2 and Rs 10,000 for Round 3. The Early Entry Option is Rs 5,000 for Round 1,  Rs 7,500 for Round 2 and Rs 10,000 for Round 3.

The Reapplicant Fee is Rs 2,500 for Round 1 & 2 and Rs 5,000 for Round 3.

In order to enable non-Indian origin applicants to complete their Visa formalities in time, ISB follows a rolling evaluation process. Their application is evaluated and admission decision is communicated within six weeks of receiving the completed application.

Eligibility Criteria

You need to have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline, a valid GMAT/GRE score and at least 24 months of full-time work experience by March 31, 2020. Candidates whose language of instruction at the undergraduate study level was not English need to present TOEFL/IELTS/PTE score.

Selection Process

Your academic credentials will be evaluated to assess your ability to cope with the rigour of the program. Past academic performance and the GMAT/GRE exam scores will be taken into consideration along with the 12th standard grades, graduation grades, post- graduation and certification scores. However, no “cut off” criteria are applied to either the academic credentials or the GMAT/GRE score.

The second evaluation is on leadership qualities, on the basis of the impact you have made in professional and personal life. This aspect is assessed through the initiatives that the applicant may have taken, the responsibilities handled and the career progression achieved till date. The one professional evaluation (i.e. recommendation) which forms an important part of the application also helps in gauging the leadership potential of the applicant in a professional setting.

The third assessment is of personal attributes. The admission committee looks for versatile and well-rounded individuals who can contribute to society in positive and meaningful ways. People who can bring different perspectives to the class and appreciate a different point of views also fit the bill.

Fees & Other Expenses

On accepting the admission offer, you have to pay a non-refundable Admission Fee of Rs 250,000 that goes up to Rs 295,000 with the addition of Rs 45,000 GST. The tuition fee is Rs 2,350,000. Campus accommodation (shared) is Rs 278,000 and studio accommodation Rs 400,000. A one-time contribution for use of library comes to Rs 15,000. The total fees including GST @18% come to Rs 3,443,240 for shared accommodation and Rs 3,587,200 for studio accommodation.

Other expenses comprise security deposit (Interest-free refundable at the end of the academic year) of Rs 20,000. Thus the total amount comes to Rs 3,463,240 for shared accommodation and Rs 3,607,200 for studio accommodation. Add to these personal expenses including books, laptop, meal plans of about Rs 1,95,000. Source: https://www.isb.edu/pgp/admissions/admission-calendar


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