Engineers Continue to Hold Sway in the Class of 2020 PGP Program at ISB


Engineers continue to hold sway in the Class of 2020 at the one-year full-time MBA, Post Graduate Program (PGP), in the Indian School of Business (ISB).

In the academic background, Engineers comprise 67% and others at 33% at the Hyderabad campus. They form 68% of the class with others at 32% in the Mohali campus.

The PGP attracts mid-career professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Technology Consulting, Infrastructure, Supply Chain and Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Construction, and FMCG, to name a few.

ISB PGP 2020 Class Profile

The Class of 2020 comprises 603 students at the Hyderabad campus and 293 at Mohali, totaling 896.

The gender ratio is 38% female and 62% male at Hyderabad and 39% female and 61% male at Mohali. The average age of the cohort at Hyderabad is 26.63 in the range of 22-43 and 26.7 in the range of 22-46 at Mohali.

The average GMAT score is 710 at Hyderabad in 600-700 range and that at Mohali 708 in 600-770 range. The overall average score is 710 in the range of 600-770.

The average GRE score is 325 at Hyderabad in 311-334 range and that at Mohali 327 in 322-331 range. The overall average score is 325 in the range of 311-334.

In terms of work experience, the cohort in the Hyderabad campus has an average of 4.3 years in the range of 2-20. At Mohali campus too the average and range are the same.

Eight students in Hyderabad and 6 in Mohali are international passport holders.

ISB PGP Program Details

With the program’s focus on creating global leaders in business and society, students are exposed to a variety of learning methods, including team-based learning or individual case studies. As a student, you will be able to choose your own academic gradient, based on your work experience, academic background, and appetite for a challenge.

Key Learning Objectives

The program has five key learning objectives. namely, Critical and Integrative Thinking, Awareness of Global Issues Affecting Business, Effective Oral Communication and Ethical responsibility.

In the first one, Interpersonal Awareness and Working in Teams, each student will demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team, exhibiting behaviour that reflects an understanding of the importance of individual roles and tasks He or she has to display the ability to manage conflict and compromise, so that the team goals are achieved.

In the second objective, Critical and Integrative Thinking, you should be able to identify key issues in a business setting, develop a perspective that is supported with relevant information and integrative thinking, to draw and assess conclusions.

Awareness of Global Issues Affecting Business is the third objective. You should be able to identify key relevant global factors and also analyze the impact of the global environment on business issues, as compared to domestic factors.

In the fourth objective, each student should be able to communicate verbally in an organized, clear, and persuasive manner, and be a responsive listener.

In the fifth objective, Ethical Responsibility, you should be able to identify ethical issues, understand the impact of a particular issue on various stakeholders and become ethically responsible business managers.

The Core Courses

Core courses are taught in the first three terms. Each core term comprises a full-time course load of 4-5 subjects. These include the basics of finance, strategy, marketing, operations, and IT management. These courses are taught by outstanding resident faculty and faculty visiting from international business schools.

The Electives

The School offers around 80 electives that help students build on their interests. During the last five terms, students can opt to take 17 to 21 elective credits. Term 4 is a cross over term and will be a combination of mandatory core courses plus elective courses.

Registration for the elective courses is through an online bidding process. Courses are combined to offer students six concentrations or majors in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information and Technology Management, Operations Management, Marketing, and Strategy & Leadership

The Industry specializations offered are in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Policy, and Infrastructure.

You should complete six credits of coursework successfully for a concentration area or Industry Specialisation from among the elective courses specified for that specialization. Certain popular elective courses will be offered in more than one term.

The Practicum Courses

In addition to classroom learning, the curriculum integrates applied learning through practicum courses. The School provides avenues where you can apply your learning.

The Experiential Learning Program (ELP) encourages you to work with the industry on real-world business issues. This gives you the chance to apply your learning outside a classroom setting and gain new perspectives on business and major global issues.

It is a live consulting engagement undertaken by students as part of their elective curriculum. The initiative is designed to combine the diverse experience of the students and their deep domain expertise to offer increased value to clients.

The key objective of the ELP is to provide students with the opportunity to work directly with companies in real-time and gain additional hands-on experience. Exposure to cutting edge management research and theory further gives the students a more relevant perspective on real-world business issues.

Students participating in this program are required to prepare a consulting proposal for the client (scope of work, timeline, etc.), make the necessary primary/secondary research and prepare a final report and present findings with recommendations to the client. Many companies also use it as their pre-recruitment exercise.

On joining, all students) go through the Leadership Development Program (LEAD). The three-day LEAD program at ISB is aimed at providing every student with an in-depth understanding of their strengths and areas of improvement so as to develop them into effective leaders.

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