Enrolling for MBA at Cambridge Judge, A First-person Account


Why would you choose the UK as an MBA destination and select Cambridge Judge as one of the schools to put in an application? Have a look at the experience of Srishti Warman from India, with five years’ work experience as a Business Analyst at Barclays.

Make a List of Your Requirements

Before enrolling for the full-time one-year MBA program at Cambridge Judge, Srishti was initially in a dilemma as to which business schools she should apply.

In a blog post on the school website, she says you need to have clear goals as to what you want from the school and the surroundings that make you flourish.

In her case, she took a few weeks to draw up her requirements. She says she wanted to study in a prestigious institution, so the school had to rank in the global top 20.

It should have excellent post-MBA recruitment statistics, especially for international students, in line with the rate of return, jobs being offered in industries in-sync with her career goals. She was also looking for easy to manage visa policies to work in the country as an international student post -MBA.

Since she proposed to finance her studies by taking a huge loan, she wanted schools that offered scholarships.

Srishti was looking for a school with smaller class sizes and collaborative culture.  “The class should be as diverse as possible to help me grow and develop a truly global perspective,” she says.

Her other requirements were that she should not face any language barriers to communicate with employers as well as local communities. The school should ideally be in an urban area, as well as offering a one-year course duration.

How Did Cambridge Judge Measure Up?

She found that Cambridge Judge fulfilled all the criteria. Among the positives she noted was that more than 90% of the class post-MBA changed at least their industry or profile or geography, with one third changing all three.

The school was also close to the Silicon Fen (the name given to the region around Cambridge, home to a large cluster of high-tech businesses focusing on software, electronics and biotechnology).

She was also happy that 95% of the class comprised international students with almost 40% being women. Studying at the University of Cambridge would also make her part of the alumni network later.

The Admission Journey

Srishti attended the Cambridge MBA online webinars and also received a profile evaluation for her candidacy. She decided to apply in Round 1 as it was now the school with the highest preference for her.

Within three weeks of applying, she received a request for an interview on video by Skype. “While it’s obvious to feel nervous before an interview, I don’t think I had ever been so anxious before. My interviewer (Jane Davies) was a faculty member teaching at CJBS and the warmth in her tone made me feel relaxed immediately.

“From all the business school interviews that I had ever given (trust me as I have given at least five more interviews for different schools), in no other interview did I feel so supported by the interviewer to give the answers that I felt and knew were right. I knew then it was a clear reflection of what it would be to study in CJBS,” Srishti says.

In another three weeks, she was informed of her admission. She had also qualified for a merit-based bursary, which has helped support around a third of the tuition fee.

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