IIM Indore’s MBA Class Of 2017: 8.5 Years Avg. Work Ex, Students From Deloitte, Symantec, L&T


Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM I), launched the eighth batch of its one-year full-time MBA (Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management – EPGP), on April 18, 2016. The Class of 2017 comprises of 41 talented students with an average work experience of 8.5 years at companies such as Deloitte, Symantec, L&T and CSC.

The inauguration event commenced with traditional lamp lighting followed by the welcome address by Pranav Dubey, corporate relation office at EPGP IIM Indore. Dean (Academic), Professor Ganesh K Nidugala also addressed the participants and briefed them on the course.

The inauguration address was delivered by Arvind Mahajan, Partner and National Head – Energy, Infrastructure and Government: Senior independent Director of KPMG India Board.

With a rich experience of more than 30 years, Arvind Mahajan emphasized how important self-renewal is in one’s career. He welcomes the participants move to re-invent themselves by focusing on continuous learning. He told the gathering that industry is changing rapidly, and that everyone today needs to grow quickly to adapt to this fast changing scenario.

Interestingly, the guest of honour at the event, Sujai Sen, Head of Strategy, CSI ADM Ericsson graduated from the same programme at IIM Ahmedabad (called PGPX) in 2011.

Speaking at the EPGP inauguration, Sen said “Don’t rely on your past laurels; It’s a year of reinvention and rejuvenation. Start fresh and embrace the change”.

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In a brief address, he set the expectation of the one-year program by highlighting his own experience while pursuing the one-year MBA course at IIM A. The key take away from his address was the ABCD of making most of the program:

A – Always have a bigger picture in your mind

B – Be open to challenges and new experiences

C – Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

D– Develop and nurture your relationships with others

OneYearMBA connected with a few students who have joined the prestigious MBA course this year to understand their motivation for leaving the corporate world to pursue a full-time MBA.

Sreemoyee Saha has 7+years of work experience and his last role was Senior IT Developer at Symantec Corporation. When asked about his motivation to join the course he said, “My objective for joining IIM Indore is to excel in the field of Marketing & Management. I’ve been associated with IT Marketing Automation for long & have facilitated my clients’ efforts to maintain better CRM- in turn, maximizing their ROI. My aim is to now transform myself into a business leader. The EPGP course is the perfect way for me to move in that direction.

IIM I's MBA Class Of 2017: 41 Students With 8.5 Years Avg. Work Ex At Deloitte, Symantec, L&T

Ayush Khaitan, who worked for 6+ Years in a Strategic Consulting role at Deloitte said, “I felt it was necessary for me to take some time off and invest in my personal development and an MBA seemed to be the right choice. And IIM Indore was the obvious choice not only because of its brilliant pedagogy but also because of the special emphasis they place on Analytics, which I believe is critical skill in today’s digitized world.”

Shantunu Roy who has 8.5 years of work-ex in Project Management at Reliance & L&T said, “My decision to join the one-year EPGP course at IIM Indore was based on a number of factors. One: the curriculum in iim-indore-executive-mba-iim-indore-one-year-mba-1-year-mba-class-profile-2017-boasts-8-5-years-average-work-experience-students-deloitte-symantec-csc-itthe EPGP course at IIM I is very intensive one in-sync with industry trends. Two: the 5 week International Immersion module at McCombs School of Business – The University of Texas at Austin provides a holistic view of the global business environment. Three: the diversity and industry experience of the batch through which I will gain cross-functional and cross-industry learning. Four: the track record of the previous batches, which has been very good.”

Gitika Singh who has close to 6 years of experience in the IT Industry and joins IIM Indore from CSC India Private Limited where she was a Product Developer had this to add – “As I got comfortable with the technical aspects of my job profile, I felt an urge to also understand the business side of things. The EPGP at IIM Indore is a compact yet comprehensive MBA course to top up my techno-managerial experience, and shape me as a knowledgeable and aware leader.”


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