IIM Indore Partners TikTok to Launch short Video Course for Management Communication


IIM Indore has partnered with TikTok to launch the first-ever course module on short-form video for better management communication, strategy, negotiation and digital disruption.

B-school students and others stand to benefit from the partnership’s focus on equipping them to meet the digital disruption and management challenges of the future. It will also help mid-career senior management professionals, government officers, smart city CEOs, bureaucrats, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, IIM Indore said in a press release.

IIM  Indore-TikTok to Launch Course Module on Short-Form Video format

Sharing Good Practices on Using the Internet Safely

IIM -I and TikTok will host joint training and workshops on sharing good practices on using the Internet safely and productively along with hackathons for government departments, law enforcement agencies, and government schemes executing partners.

The partnership also aims to promote better governance solutions for citizens, capacity building of government departments and digital wellbeing. It will spread awareness on the impact of short-form video storytelling in marketing & business management, negotiation, enhancing job creation and skill development.

IIM-I’s Flagship Programs and Executive Courses to Benefit

While signing the MOU,  Prof Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore said, “We are very excited and delighted to partner with TikTok to develop new modules of short video content storytelling and implement them in communication, negotiation, marketing and strategy programs, both in our flagship programs as well as executive programs.

“This partnership is in line with IIM Indore’s quest to be a contextually relevant, world-class, socially conscious institute. Together, we want to harness the power of this revolutionary new age platform TikTok and use it for doing good to the community at large to create an India that is equal, prosperous and happy.

“This will be further strengthened by the launch of several high-level policy engagements and e-services delivery and problem-solving workshops for key decision-makers helping them harness the power of the Internet better. We hope to leverage this partnership to give the economy also a shot in the arm through exploring newer skills and empowering the youth,” he added.

Partnership to Help Bridge India with Bharath

Dr Subi Chaturvedi, Head, TikTok For Good, said, “We are proud to partner with a top Management school like IIM Indore to further the causes of encouraging cutting edge quality education for all, ushering in a new future of work, enhancing skills, building capacity of management professionals, decision-makers and policymakers to tell better stories and driving job creation, delivering better governance, decision making, and creating new opportunities of growth for India’s boosting local economy.

“The internet is the single most powerful tool which has changed the way we work, live, and play. It is a source of new knowledge and is filled with possibilities. TikTok has changed the way we tell stories and now we see a new India rise and take its place under the sun, using TikTok for Good. We are happy to see that TikTok through this partnership with IIM Indore is helping bridge India with Bharat.”

Dr Rai said, “IIM Indore is one of the few “triple crown” accredited institutions in the world, and as such, believes in giving a global voice to India and Indians. Disruptive technology being the order of the day, needs to be adopted and used to further causes that serve our country well. With its increasing global outreach, India in general, and IIM Indore in particular, wish to showcase the strengths of our scientific, social, and cultural moorings, and this partnership is a step in that direction.”

Dr Chaturvedi said, “Tiktok the world over has disrupted the short-form video storytelling format creating a new language of communication and bringing Bharat to the forefront of India. It is also telling the world that India has a lot to share and give to the world-building peace, powering innovation and using technology for Good, through entertaining, joyful, inspiring creative videos.

“Young Indians from the largest urban metros to the smallest and more far-flung parts of India are experiencing the freedom of expression and sharing original videos with their stories. This partnership will harness this power for meaningful and productive use of the internet for the collective good and digital well-being by all stakeholders including government, industry, media and society at large.,” he added.

TikTok will also collaborate with IIM Indore to support in furthering the Digital India mission of a fully connected and empowered India through digital literacy workshops, capacity building and organize several hackathons across states with an aim to engage the youth to come up with a tech or non-tech solutions and address better e-delivery and good governance solutions, the release said.

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