Rs 44 Lakh Highest, Rs 29 Lakh Avg. Domestic Salary for IIMA 1 Year MBA Class of 2016


The rolling placement process for the 1-year full time MBA (PGPX) 2015-16 batch at IIM Ahmedabad started in October 2015 and continued for three months after the Convocation in June 2016. Here is the audited report of the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS), an initiative that aims to provide transparency and authenticity in placement reporting across Business Schools.

While 67 students out of the total 85 graduates sought placement through the institute, 18 stayed away for various reasons like being company sponsored or already employed (6), entrepreneurship (2), returning to or joining family business (1) and seeking placement outside the campus placement process (9). Six students did not find placements.

The minimum fixed yearly cash component was Rs 16,01, 349 and maximum Rs 33, 65,220. The average domestic Cost To Company Salary (including bonus and other compensation) for PGPX  was Rs 29,10,000 while the highest domestic CTC was Rs 44 Lakh. The median maximum earning potential was Rs 27,81,004.

International salary offer had a fixed yearly cash component of $1,00,000 minimum and $1,21,040 maximum. The average international CTC salary for PGPX was $1,23,000. 

In sector-wise classification, Information Technology (IT) saw the maximum number of 30 domestic offers and 2 international offers.

Function-wise, 21 were in Systems/IT followed by 15 in general management and 11 in marketing and sales. Six went into Consulting and 2 to Finance.

Top recruiters for PGPX this year this year included Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Airtel, Amazon, Ericsson & Accenture.

Overall, in final placements for PGP, PGP-FABM apart from PGPX program, 383 out of the total 403 graduating students participated.

More than 110 firms turned up for the placement in which top offers numbering 108 were made by consulting firms. Eight students opted out to start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Consulting sector firms made a total of 108 offers, followed by 70 in BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance), 53 in online services, 26 in IT, 24 in conglomerates and 28 in FMCG.

Accenture Strategy emerged as the top recruiter with 18 offers followed by the Boston Consulting Group with 17 and Bain & Co with 16 offers.

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As many as 368 offers were made for posts in India, 7 in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and the 8 in Asia Pacific. The number of international offers dropped from 40 last year to 15 this year.

ForumFor the PGP program, the minimum fixed yearly cash component (domestic) was Rs 6 lakh and the maximum Rs 35 lakh. The median fixed yearly cash component (domestic) was Rs 17,00,655. The average CTC for the PGP batch was Rs 22 lakh while the lowest CTC was Rs 18 lakh.

For international offers, the minimum fixed yearly cash component stood at $34,248. The maximum was at $132,896 and the median, $60,000.


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