IMD Tops Bloomberg Businessweek European B-School Rankings 2019-20


IMD has topped the Bloomberg Businessweek European B-School Rankings 2019-20 for the second successive year, emerging as number 1 in compensation, networking, and learning.

INSEAD captured second place, switching places with London Business School, which dropped to the third rank.

Instead of putting out a global ranking of Business Schools as in 2018, the publication chose to release separate ranking lists for Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada and the US.

Bloomberg Businessweek European B-Schools Top 10

With the first three places going to IMD, INSEAD and LBS, HEC Paris is ranked 4th, followed by SDA Bocconi (5), IESE (6), Cambridge Judge (7), St. Gallen (8), IE (9) and Mannheim (10).

IMD had an overall score of 91.5 with 90.7 for Compensation, 91.5 for Learning, 97.0 for Networking and 67.6 for Entrepreneurship.

HEC notched up an overall score of 70.3 with 77.9 for Compensation, 61.6 for Learning, 64.5 for Networking and 60.1 for Entrepreneurship.

LBS had an overall score of 73.9 with 75.5 for Compensation, 69.6 for Learning, 86.0 for Networking and 62.3 for Entrepreneurship.

INSEAD recorded an overall score of 76.7 with 77.2 for Compensation, 72.1 for Learning, 81.1 for Networking and 75.3 for Entrepreneurship.

SDA Bocconi had an overall score of 67.0 with 70.3 for Compensation, 74.9 for Learning, 72.5 for Networking and 57.4 for Entrepreneurship.

IESE Business School notched up an overall score of 64.2, Compensation at 62.1, Learning at 84.9, Networking 73.6 and Entrepreneurship 71.2.

Cambridge Judge had an overall score of 63.7, Compensation 61.2, Learning 76.4, Networking 77.4 and Entrepreneurship 74.5.

St. Gallen had an overall score of 60.7, Compensation 67.6, Learning 63.4, Networking 66.6 and Entrepreneurship 47.0.

IE recorded an overall score of 57.1, Compensation 66.5, Learning 49.5, Networking 37.4 and Entrepreneurship 76.6.

Mannheim had an overall score of 50.1, Compensation 51.3, Learning 80.9, Networking 67.2 and Entrepreneurship 47.6.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Other B-Schools in the European Ranking

Others in the 22-school list are ESADE (11), Oxford (12), Imperial College Business School (13), Cass (14), ESMT Berlin (15), Cranfield (16), Rotterdam Erasmus (17), Manchester (18), Copenhagen Business School (19), EAE (20), Politecnico di Milano (21) and ESIC (22).

Bloomberg Businessweek B-school Ranking Methodology

Bloomberg Businessweek based the rankings on more than 26,804 surveys of MBA students, alumni, and recruiters, as well as employment data provided by schools. The survey results were classified into four indexes, namely, Compensation, Learning, Networking, and Entrepreneurship.

The data was collected in 2019 to help prospective students make better decisions about schools they might attend in 2020. To better reflect that dynamic, the naming convention was changed to ranking for the Best B-Schools 2019-2020.

The publication said the regional pages for Europe, Asia, and Canada, in addition to the U.S., allowed it to go in for a more detailed intra-regional index ranking. At the same time,  prospective students were provided with the opportunity to explore differences among schools in all the regions.

The Compensation Index had a weight of 37.3%, Networking Index 25.7%, Learning Index 21.3% and Entrepreneurship Index 15.7%.

On compensation, various factors including the pay right after graduation, alumni earnings, percentage of students employed three months after graduation, percentage of a class receiving a signing bonus and size of bonuses were evaluated.

In Networking, the focus was on the quality of networks being built by classmates; students’ interactions with alumni; successes of the career-services office; quality and breadth of alumni-to-alumni interactions and the school’s brand power, from recruiters’ viewpoints.

In Learning, the consideration was whether the curriculum was applicable to real-world business situations. The degree of emphasis on innovation, problem-solving, and strategic thinking besides the level of inspiration and support from instructors, class size, and collaboration were also analyzed.

In Entrepreneurship, the schools were ranked according to whether the graduates showed exceptional entrepreneurial skills and drive.

A total of 131 business schools around the world figured in the ranking, up from 124 in 2018, with 94 in the U.S. Programs can be located anywhere in the world, but classes taught primarily in English.

All schools were required to submit employment data for the Class of 2018, following the standards set by MBA CSEA, a trade group founded in 1994 to establish and collect consistent, comparable, peer-reviewed data.

Best B-Schools Ranking 2019-20

  1. IMD
  3. London Business School
  4. HEC Paris
  5. SDA Bocconi
  6. IESE Business School
  7. Cambridge Judge
  8. St. Gallen
  9. IE
  10. Mannheim
  11. ESADE
  12. Oxford Said
  13. Imperial College of London
  14. City, University of London (CASS)
  15. ESMT Berlin
  16. Cranfield
  17. Erasmus Rotterdam
  18. Manchester
  19. Copenhagen Business School
  20. EAE
  21. Politecnico di Milano
  22. ESIC

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