ISB Alum’s Start-up Offering Home-cooked Food Stirs Up Frenzy in Hyderabad

1 started by ISB Alumnus Rishi Raj Singh is bringing home cooked food to homes and offices around Hyderabad.

Launched a year ago, is a successful tech platform for all those who want to buy or sell home-cooked food.

The founder of the website is a former combat pilot in the Indian Navy and alumnus of the Indian School of Business (ISB), Rishi Raj Singh. 

The 42-year-old launched the service in Hyderabad and later in Bengaluru and is soon planning to go international. He credits the portal’s ever increasing traffic to their reliable, transparent and fast service as well as assured hygiene and safety.

Speaking to the Hindu, Singh said, “It takes six weeks for a home chef to register and sell their dish through us. The interested person should first take a licence from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. After which, our internal team will visit the kitchen to check for hygiene and safety standards. If the team is convinced then the home chef can start selling their product with a rate decided by them but quantity finalised by us. But, we never judge the food and let the customers do it.” 

Presently, there are 800 registered home chefs in Hyderabad and Bengaluru and the company receives an average of around 200 orders on a daily basis. The company, which maintains a sizeable logistics staff, promises delivery of the food item within an hour.

According to Singh, their services work very well for all those who want to try unique or rare cuisines from every nook and corner of the country which are hard to find in the restaurants but prepared at home. (Source – The Hindu)

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  1. I am a chef of this platform. Whatever is written in this article is fake. They did not even come and check my kitchen. They simply buy food once a week and sell the same for whole week without renewing it

    I am moving out of this website because their quality is horrible.

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