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Scholarships & Financial Aid For MBA in Canada

MBA is a course which is completely professional in nature. Therefore, sources of getting scholarships or financial aid for international MBA students in Canada are quite limited.

Nevertheless, students with excellent academic records and other significant achievements relevant to this course can get scholarships as well as financial aids.

Students with exceptional scores in GMAT or similar feats can get a partial waiver in most cases.

Other than that, students seeking scholarships should apply for the following scholarships. These are among some most popular scholarships for International MBA studentsin Canada.

Graduate Scholarship (University of waterloo):

University of Waterloo provides this scholarships to deserving students pursuing their higher studies.

National Overseas Scholarship (Central Sector Scheme):

(All countries barring UK): The provision of National Overseas Scholarship is for excellent students interested in pursuing MBA in an international B-School.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships:

This is a government funded fellowship to provide students with quality masters and doctorate level education.

Go Clean Scholarship:

This is a scholarship for deserving candidates interested in pursuing MBA abroad.

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