Why do an MBA in Canada?

Why Pursue an MBA in Canada?

The exponentially growing economy and rich culture of Canada magnetize students from around the world. Due to the Top quality of living, premium-quality education at an affordable cost, exposure to a multicultural cosmopolitan environment and lenient  post-study work rules, Canada is one of the hot favorites for higher studies. In fact, Canada is one of the top five most preferred destinations for higher studies in world. Vancouver, Montréal, Québec City and Toronto are the major cities of Canada.

Advantages of Studying An MBA in Canada

Why would any international student choose Canada for MBA studies? There could be varied reasons ranging from world-class B-schools with state-of-the-art facilities, excellent faculty, multiculturalism as Government policy and the relative ease in securing visas and work permits when compared to the United States. Let’s take a look at all these factors one by one along with the pros and cons to help you decide on studying MBA in Canada and meeting your career goals.

Some benefits of pursuing an MBA from Canada are:

  1. Simple Visa and admission process
  2. Best International MBA degrees at a very reasonable cost
  3. Doing MBA from Canadian Institutes provides a good career boost as it enhances the earning quotient of the student.
  4. Good exposure to the industry for the students during the internship programs
  5. Students learn a lot about the real business world while doing an MBA from a Canadian institute as the course curriculum consists of a lot of real-world knowledge and practical learning

Multiculturalism Makes You Feel at Home

Another advantage is that Canada has adopted multiculturalism as a State policy. According to the 2016 Census, the citizens were drawn from more than 250 different ethnic origins or ancestries. The most common were Canadian, English, Scottish, French and Irish. German, Chinese, Italian, First Nations, Indian (from India), Ukrainian, Dutch and Polish were the others in the list.

It also translates to the formation of neighbourhoods full of people from a particular ethnicity along with places of worship, food and culture of the home country suitably adapted to Canadian lifestyle and culture.

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Quality of life in Canada

Canada offers an excellent life – free medical treatment, pollution free environment, broad roads, excellent nature trails a short distance from cities are just some if the amenities students can look forward to. 

Cheaper Tuition Than USA MBA Programs 

While MBA in Canada aint cheap, its cheaper than USA for sure.

Average Two Year MBA costs in Canada range around $40,000 verus the average $100,000 ticket price at most USA B-Schools. Upon graduation most students can expect a starting salary of around $100,000, provided the degree is from one of the well known institutes.

For instance, in comparison, among top-ranked schools in the US, U.Penn Wharton has pegged the tuition fee at US $162,756 and Stanford GSB at US $141,180.

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