PTE 2020 Examination Preparation Section-Wise(Listening)

Listening is a critical section of the PTE Academic exam preparation point of view. We are providing some useful tips and tricks ahead for different types of questions from this section.

Tips for Listening

  • While listening, the student should be proactive. It is advised to learn about how to listen to an English song. It is important to understand the lyrics, so you should concentrate on it.
  • Watching English movies and TV shows can be helpful. If you feel it difficult, you should watch these movies with subtitles. Once you feel confident, you can watch these programs without subtitles.

 Spoken test Summary

  • It is ideal to draft the answer in the word range of 50-70 words.
  • Candidate should initiate the proceedings with iterating “the speaker said” or something similar to it.
  • It is better to write down keywords on the notepad provided.
  • Listen with closed eyes for focusing better.
  • Concentrate the theme as well as repeated words.

MCQs with multiple answers 

  • It is important to answer questions carefully as there is a provision of negative marking for this segment.
  • It is better to read the questions prior to the beginning of the audio.
  • The candidate should listen the entire audio carefully as it is probable that he /she can find the answers towards the end of the audio. 

Fill in the blanks 

  • It is recommended to utilize the provided notepad to take notes to avoid missing the upcoming word.
  • Listen with a focus to decide the number (Singular or Plural) of the word, articles used etc. 

Summarized Highlight correction

  • Concentrate on the theme and the message delivered by the speaker.
  • The elimination method can be useful. 

Selection of missing word 

  • You will understand the topic by the first half of the audio and by half of the second part, you can predict the end of the audio.

Highlight incorrect words 

  • Review your answers before submitting, in case you have missed something.
  • Before submitting the answers it is recommended to check the answers carefully. This is critical in order to check if something is missing or not.
  • If a word is double-clicked, it will get unselected. So, be careful and do only one click.
  • It is important to answer questions carefully as there is a provision of negative marking for this segment.

Write from dictation 

To save time, it is preferred to type answer directly using the keyboard instead of noting down these on the notepad first. Check the spellings, singular and plural forms, punctuation etc.

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