PTE 2020 Examination Preparation

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is similar to the other standardized tests for the English language in the context that it has different sections to assess the reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills of a student. These can be grasped better by understanding the PTE Academic Syllabus in detail. 

Sections and duration of PTE Academic Test

Reading32-41 minutes
Listening45-57 minutes
Speaking and Writing77-93 minutes

Each and every section can be mastered in a few days if someone is preparing with concentration since this test checks the candidate’s communication skills in the international language i.e. English. If you need some help then you can refer to online videos and tutorials available on various platforms across the internet. You can also go for practice papers for smarter preparation.

How to prepare for PTE

This exam does not require someone to be a subject expert. This test is needed to reassure that the students can understand the English Language. The good PTE exam performance of a student ensures that he can understand the global language and could pursue study abroad with the English language as the studying medium from English-speaking professors amid students from international backgrounds. The final score range is 0-90, which is the sum of individual section scores. The PTE result used to be declared within 5 working days from the exam date. The students should check for the dates and deadlines and select the nearest test centre form the official PTE website before registering for this test The aspirant should also check for the colleges accepting the PTE score in prior.

It is for sure that the students should research well at their end in order to utilize the PTE test score for studying in an international B-School. However, we recommend that in case of doubt or confusion, you can consult the experts using our consulting service named ADMITONE for clearing these doubts. We can guide you in each and every aspect of application and admission process in your desired international B-School.

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