PTE 2020 Examination Preparation Section-Wise(Writing)

PTE Academic Writing Section Tips and Tricks

In the writing segment, you should write according to the questions asked, and these answers are checked. In PTE Academic, the writing module is further subdivided into two sections.

We are providing here the useful tips for both of these sections.

Written Text Summary 

  • If your grammar and vocab is excellent, you can do a perfect 90 out of 90 in it. A student with average grammar and vocab can achieve a score of 72-74.
  • Practice drafting your answer in a word range of 35-45. One should not write too long sentences. The main reason behind it is that in score checking methods and algorithms may not assess long sentences perfectly.
  • It is advised to use the punctuation carefully.
  • Don’t forget the basic rule of Capitalizing starting words and nouns while writing the answer.
  • Write the examples only when the question asks to do so.
  • Always write the summary in the third person and avoid using words like I, Me, Myself etc.
  • Focus on the final paragraph as it mainly includes the text summary.
  • Try to summarize a paragraph in a single sentence.

Write an Essay 

  • Plan the format of your essay based on whether it is an opinion essay, problem-solution, advantages-disadvantages etc.
  • Check the nature of the essay i.e. whether it is a problem-solution essay, an opinion based essay etc. and format the Essay accordingly.
  • Be extremely careful of the grammar, spelling etc.
  • Ideal structure pattern should be as follows- use the first paragraph for the introduction, mention the body content in the second and third paragraph and conclude the Essay in the fourth and final paragraph.
  • Body paragraph mainly includes reasons, examples, facts and statistics to empower the arguments.
  • The ideal length for the Essay would be in between 200 to 300 words.

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