PTE 2020 Examination Preparation Section-Wise(Reading)

PTE Academic Reading Section Tips and Tricks

To perform as per expectation in the Reading Section of PTE Academic Test, the candidate should be fluent in speaking, should be focused and understanding. It is advised to improve these qualities from basic to advanced level in steps so that you can implement these in the exam.

Single Answer Type MCQs

  • Look for the main message of the passage and concentrate on keywords for selecting the correct option.
  • Concentrate on the frequency terms like sometimes, never many, always, all, often, never etc. Look for other options excluding these terms and this may help in finding the right option.
  • Since there is no negative marking, the candidate should not answer all the questions asked and doesn’t skip anything.
  • Rule of eliminating the least probable options can be useful. Up to a possible extent it is recommended to narrow down the choices.
  • It is too critical to read the question first before reading the test. This will help to understand the information required from the text.
  • Most of the times around 60% of the answers used to be hidden in the two lines from the beginning and in two final lines of the passage.
  • Understand the content of the passage in a sequenced manner as the questions asked will not be available in chronological order, and the answer could be hidden anywhere in the passage.
  • It is beneficial to learn to paraphrase. It is the art of iterating the meaning by substituting the words used in the text with similar ones.

Multiple Answer Type MCQs 

  • As there is the provision of negative marking for this section, the candidate should not go for answering a question until he is 100 per cent sure. In case of any confusion, it is better to leave that question.

Paragraph Reordering

  • At first, one should come up with a headline including the theme idea for the paragraph before moving ahead.
  • Never initiate the first sentence using pronouns like he, she, it, they etc.
  • Search contradictory phrases with, but, however or additional phrases like moreover, also, furthermore, besides etc. Look for the sentence preceding it.

Fill in the blanks 

  • There is no negative marking, so answer all the questions even if you are not sure.
  • Negative marking is not applied for this section, so it is ideal to attempt all the questions and one shouldn’t skip anything.
  • Look for the parts of speech around the blanks space, before and after it. This trick can be helpful in finding the missing words.
  • The synonym for the missing word used to available in text most of the time.

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