PTE 2020 Examination Preparation Section-Wise(Speaking)

PTE Speaking Section – Tips and Tricks

Speaking Section is an integral part of the PTE Academic Exam. To prepare better for this section, we are providing some tips that could be useful for solving different types of questions from this section. These tips and guideline are as follows:

Read Loudly 

  • It is ideal to start with a rising tone and conclude with a falling tone. This practice improves the authenticity of the sentences.
  • If a student senses that he committed a mistake, then too, He / She should not stop reading.
  • It is recommended to practice with tongue-twisters daily from the beginning of the preparation and should continue practice these till the exam day.

Repeat Sentence

  • It is advised to listen with your eyes closed and try to remember the sentence.
  • Start quickly once the clip ends as there is no beep sound at the end of the clip.
  • If it is difficult to memorize the sentence, concentrate on the keywords and reiterate these words.

Describe Image

  • It is suggested to initiate describing the Image using words like illustrate, elucidates, depicts, or similar words.
  • Check for bar-chart, line-graph or pie-chart. There should be a timeline in Line graphs, slices in Pie chart etc.
  • Use general terms like on the left-hand side, on the right-hand side, below or bottom, above, next to, at the top, foreground, background and other similar words.
  • The ideal time to finish the description in 30-35 seconds and should leave unfinished recorded sentences.

Retell Lecture

  • It is important to look for the keywords as they can be helpful in understanding the topic context.
  • It is better to use titles as Dr. tells or professor explained, rather than using full names.
  • One should look for capturing 3 to 5 sentences. It would be sufficient to retell the lecture.

Answer short question

  • It is advised to use the articles (a, an, the) appropriately.
  • If the answer is not known, one should repeat the words in the question.

Overall Tips 

  • To improve fluency in speaking and achieve desired results, youtube pronunciation videos are handy.
  • It is also a good idea to mimic native speakers like spokespersons from Britain, America Australia.
  • To improve pronunciation, research on IPA and phonemes on the various source from the internet like google, youtube etc. One should be careful about the position of his /her tongue, jaw and lips while pronouncing each word.
  • Concentrate on mimicking intonations as each word has risen and falls for each alphabet.

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