NYU Stern Tech MBA First Batch Rake in Average Salary of $129,015


The first batch of New York University (NYU) Stern one-year full-time Andre Koo Tech MBA raked in an average salary of $129,015 and an average sign-on bonus of $26,345, the school said.

According to the employment report for the Class of 2019, 93.5% of the students accepted offers or started their own business at three months post-graduation.

Andre Koo Tech MBA Program placements 2019 | Major Recruiters | Class Profile 2019

The inaugural cohort was chosen from those having a strong technology background and committed to a career in a tech discipline, regardless of industry like tech product management, fintech and tech entrepreneurship.

They were taught to apply the tools of business in real-world settings with various industry partners including Amazon, Boxgroup, Buzzfeed and Citigroup. The program was designed and delivered in partnership with NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

The students received exposure to a range of companies from startups to tech giants including Grand Central Tech (Company), Lyft, PayPal, and Oscar Health on both the east and west coasts through Stern Solutions projects, company visits and skill-building workshops, as part of the built-in experiential curriculum.

Andre Koo Tech MBA Accepted Offers by Function

Offers in Product Management were accepted by 31% followed by 13.8% each in Consulting-Management and Business Development/ Sales. General Management and Data Analytics were chosen by 10.3% each. Strategy and Operations (6.9% each), Consulting Brand/Innovation and Project Management (3.4% each) were the other sectors of choice.

The students were offered a variety of roles including product and program management, technical solutions, data analytics, operations and strategy.

Andre Koo Tech MBA Major Recruiters

The major recruiters included Amazon, American Express, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Capital One, DiDi Dots, Dow Jones & Company, Flatiron Health, Google, IBM, Latch, Mars & Co., Mastercard, Merck, PricewaterhouseCoopers, River Loop Security, Slice, Snyk, Success Academy, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Uber, Microsoft, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Woken.

Andre Koo Tech MBA Class Profile

The class comprised 58% male and 42% female students. International students made up 42% and Minorities 18%. The students’ GPA 80% range was 3.11-3.83. GMAT 80% range was 650-730.

In terms of professional experience, the cohort had an average of 5.8 years of work experience and 1-12 100% range years of work experience.

Andréa Maurières, who accepted a role in the Global Leadership Development Program at DiDi, said, “When I decided to pursue my MBA, NYU was the perfect choice as Stern had just created the Andre Koo Tech MBA, which was exactly what I was looking for: a business vision of the tech industry.

“As an international student, I was not used to career services, but the Office of Career Development (OCD) was the key to not only learning how to speak about myself and the rich set of tools an MBA provides, but also helped me understand the recruiting landscape, which gave me peace of mind. I was expecting to learn about business, but I ended up learning a lot about myself and my own personal career path,” she added.

Ross Memole, Product Strategy Lead at Google said, “From volunteering with an education non-profit to leading diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace, people + impact have been my biggest personal as well as professional inspirations.

“Given the profound impact technology has and will continue to have on society, enrolling in NYU Stern’s one-year focused Andre Koo Tech MBA program was truly the best fit for me. The Office of Career Development (OCD) and the broader Stern community have been instrumental in preparing me to achieve these goals.

“With well-structured and easy to use tools for recruitment, coupled with personalized career coaching and a dedicated alumni base, I was able to secure a return offer from Google,” he added.


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