One Year MBA at SDA Bocconi

Name of the B-School:  SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA full form- “Scuola di Direzione Aziendale” (School of Management in english)

Name of university: Bocconi University

Name of course: Full Time MBA

Course Overview

  • Course duration 12 months
  • Course Type Full Time MBA
  • Language of Instruction English
  • Program Start date 01st Sept. 2020
  • Location Via Bocconi 8, Milan 20136, Italy 


SDA Bocconi holds the triple accreditation of:

  • AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business),
  •  AMBA (the Association of MBAs) and
  • EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)


  • In 2019, ranked 8th in the world for business and management studies by QS World University Rankings
  • In 2018, the Financial Times ranked SDA Bocconi’s MBA program 29th in world
  • Forbes in 2017 ranked SDA Bocconi as having the 5th best one-year international MBA programs in the world

What is one year MBA at SDA Bocconi?

As per the B-School, an intense, international MBA in the heart of Milano, the hub of Italy’s culture and innovation, and at SDA Bocconi, a trailblazer in European business education. A 1-year MBA , designed to flexibly meet the needs of students, with personal care and global exposure.

A program which goes beyond conventional managerial knowledge, and connects students with top-notch, inspirational leaders and iconic brands: from Google to Starbucks,  from Prada, Gucci and Valentino to Illy. 

Why ONE Year MBA at SDA Bocconi?

According to the B-School, around 100 students from 30+ countries and diverse backgrounds, willing to invest in high-return management education, concentrated in as short a time as possible, to effectively tackle market’s challenges;

professionals ready to make the famed ‘triple jump’ in their career – change  either in industry sector, function or country – or  for those who want to go one step further in their career;

highly-motivated goal-achievers, looking for a transformational learning experience to become drivers of organizational change.

Class Profile 2019

  • Number of students 98
  • Average Age 29 Years
  • Woman 42%
  • Man 58%
  • Nationalities 30+

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

As per B-School, eligibility criteria and other requirements are as follows:

Degree Certificate, Transcripts

You are required to submit an official transcript or certified copy of your grades (in English or Italian) and a certified copy of your graduate certificate from the college or university attended. This must include grades for individual subjects with the grading scale, the type of degree, the date of graduation and the dates of enrollment.

Applicants who obtained a university degree in Italy must provide a self-declaration of their degree certificate and transcript (form provided by their university). This self-declaration is only for students who graduated from Italian universities. 

Application form

The application must be filled out exclusively online and in English. It includes several short-answer questions, carefully designed to help us better understand your personal and professional experiences, and the reasons why you want to participate in our MBA program.

Video Pre-interview

The pre-interview video integrates your written application form, providing us a better understanding of your profile. You will be asked to answer a series of questions while recording a video of yourself; the on-line platform will guide you through the easy steps.

The link to the platform will be available online with the application form. The pre-interview video is a preliminary requirement that precedes the admission interview. You should upload it during the application process and in any case no later than one week after submitting the online application.

Professional Experience, Detailed CV

On average, students in our MBA program have 5 years’ work experience, ranging between 3 and 10 years. If you do not have this requirement you can only be admitted if you have an excellent academic background, test scores, transversal skills, and motivation. The B-School does not expect you to have traditional managerial experience. Instead, they are more concerned with your professional growth, management potential, ability to work in teams, and willingness to take on responsibilities. In addition, the business sector or function is less important than the quality of the experience you gained in that sector.

Proficiency in English

The MBA program is held entirely in English, thus all applicants must be highly proficient in written and spoken English. If English is not your mother tongue, you must submit a result of the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic or CPE tests.

At the testing site, you can specify that your results be sent directly to SDA Bocconi (TOEFL School Code: 0698, PTE School Code: R7G-6R-23). If you have already taken one of these tests, the original results must be sent directly to the school. Test results prior to January 2017 are no longer valid.

A test result may be waived for mother-tongue English speakers and for students who got their degree in English, or can document significant professional experience in an English-speaking country. 


This is mandatory for all applicants. The GMAT must include the Analytical Writing Assessment and the Integrated Reasoning. The GMAT and GRE are internationally recognized tests in English that evaluate your quantitative, verbal, and analytical skills. Although there is no required minimum score for admission, a high score is beneficial during the admission process. When the test is taken, the name of the school should be specified, which will allow our Admission Services to receive the results directly. The identification code for our MBA program are: GMAT: 3WJ-L8-42, GRE: 3710. Test results prior to January 2014 are no longer valid.

As an exception, and for very specific reasons, candidates can ask Admission Services for authorization to take the SDA Test as an alternative to the GMAT/GRE. The SDA Test is organized by SDA Bocconi, and assesses quantitative, logical, and verbal skills. Enrollment for the test is organized directly through Admission Services after submission of the application for admission. The fee for the SDA Test is EUR 100.

Two letters of reference

Reference letters must be from people who know you well, and can comment knowledgeably about your professional and/or academic background, and can provide a detailed evaluation of your qualifications for our MBA. The online application reference letters’ automatic tool should be used providing your referee’s company email address.

Application from Sponsor Company 

If your company intends to financially support your participation in the MBA program (through partial or total payment of the tuition fee), an additional document must be completed by a company representative. A special form is available in our online application.


After an initial review of your application, a selected number of candidates will be invited for an admission interview. This will allow you to show that you possess the essential skills, talents and motivation that are essential to getting the most out of our MBA program. The interview may be held:

In Milan at SDA Bocconi. This format allows you to get to know us better by being on-campus and assessing the environment, which could soon see you as an MBA student.

In/near your current city of residence. Admission Services has alumni interviewers collaborating with us on admission interviews throughout Italy and throughout the world. For those unable to travel to Milan for an interview, the B-School will attempt to connect you with the alumni interviewer located closer to your current location.

Remotely (via webcam). In some cases the interview may take place remotely.

It is important to note that having the interview on-campus in Milan does not give an advantage in the admission process. The global nature of our applicant pool makes it challenging for many applicants to travel the vast distance from their current city to Milan for an interview, and the interviewing format has been constructed to accommodate this reality. 

Other requirements

  • Photo
  • Copy of your passport or ID
  • Payment of EUR 100 admissions fee

Application process

As per the B-School, Application process is as follows:

Fill out and submit the online application through our website and upload all required documents online. The application deadline is 10 April 2020.

Official/original or certified degree certificate/transcript should be both uploaded and sent by land mail to:

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

MBA Recruiting and Admissions Service

Via Balilla, 18 – 20136 Milan, Italy

Official/original degree certificate / transcripts can also be sent directly by the candidate’s University to [email protected]

Applicants may verify the arrival of their application and the status of their application directly on the online application.

Documents can be uploaded after submitting your application.

For further clarification on individual applications, please contact the Admissions Service.

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

MBA Recruiting and Admissions Service

Via Balilla, 18

20136 Milan – Italy

Tel +39 02 5836 3115/3299/3215

[email protected] 

Admissions Process 

As per the B-School, the MBA Admissions Process is a rigorous one, designed not only to determine whether candidates are qualified for the MBA program, but also whether the program will meet each candidate’s expectations and career goals.

The B-School looks for Highly Motivated Candidates With Well-Defined Goals.

The MBA applications review begins in September 2019 and ends in July 2020. As soon as we receive your application, we carry out a pre-selection process based on the documents sent. Once pre-selection is complete, we’ll let you know if your application is suitable to proceed to the selection process. The final selection result is communicated to you within 12 weeks of receiving a complete application, i.e. after all tests have been completed and all documents received.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and, given the large volume of applications, those received well in advance of the final deadline have a greater chance of being admitted. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit the application as early as possible.

Admissions Results

As soon as the selection process is completed you will receive a formal letter from Admissions Service which will inform you of the admissions decision. The results are never communicated by telephone.

The selection process will yield one of the following results: 

Admission: If you are accepted, alongside the official admission notice you will receive a participation contract.

If all available places are occupied, the school may decide to put you on a waiting list or offer you admission for the following year.

Admission to the program is valid for the year the application is submitted. However, you can request deferment for the following year, but approval of deferment is on a case-by-case decision by the Admissions Committee.

Non-Admission: Admission to the program is highly selective. The selection process assesses the profile of the individual candidate while taking into account the composition of the MBA class, which must be consistent with the quality and diversity the school requires. While we are aware of the deep commitment all candidates must make to go through the selection process, the school does not provide further clarifications to non-admitted candidates.

Fee & Other expenses 

SDA Bocconi’s MBA is an intensive program and participation is mandatory for the entire duration. This is necessary to achieve the desired results. For this reason during the MBA it is impossible to engage in professional activities that provide financial support for participation.

Tuition Fees – The total fee is € 59,000 to be paid in four installments:

  • First Installment € 10,000 on acceptance of admission offer
  • Second Installment € 16,500 by 30 October 2020
  • Third Installment € 16,500 by 29 January 2021
  • Fourth Installment € 15,000 by 30 April 2021

The fees include:

  • Most teaching materials (although some texts must be purchased separately)
  • Access to the school’s databases
  • Participants must provide their own laptop

Other Costs

Admission Process Fee: € 100

Personal Expenses: Of course, personal expenses will vary significantly depending on each individual’s lifestyle. In general, the cost of living in Milan is comparable to that of other major European cities. We aim to provide you with an accurate expectation of monthly expenses based on information provided by MBA students in recent years:

  • Housing: € 600 – 900
  • Meals: € 450
  • Transports: € 100
  • Misc. Expenses:€ 350
  • Total: € 1,500 – 1,800

Course Structure

The SDA Bocconi Full-Time MBA is an ambitious undertaking: it requires drive and motivation, but it gives you a unique opportunity to improve personally and professionally. You will be plunged into a very intensive period of full-time work that accommodates learning and practice in just one year.

Core Courses and Concentrations

Core Courses and Concentrations sequentially occur in 9 intense months of class, between September and May. From June onwards, and for up to six months, you can flexibly choose among individual internship, entrepreneurial project or group business lab to practice what you learned. More alternatives for the Fall Term include staying on campus to test and consolidate your soft skills with business games, 360-degree cases and other final courses, or going on exchange to other top international business schools.

The Full-Time MBA is a postgraduate and post-experience degree in general management, with a wide scope for specialization, guaranteed by the fact that electives are clustered in 4+1 concentrations among which students have to take choices.

The SDA Bocconi MBA’s integrated curriculum:

  • Is based on real- world management knowledge.
  • Draws directly on our faculty’s current research work,
  • as well as on influential leaders’ experience, to provide real-world learning opportunities.
  • Blends the analytical and social dimensions of managerial issues and takes a careful look on at the production of ethical and sustainable value.
  • Takes place in a unique learning environment: theoretical and practical, diverse, teamwork-oriented, open to the world, and fostering interpersonal communication.

MBA is demanding, sometimes stressful, but it is also sustainable, allowing a proper balance between career aspirations and personal life, as well as fostering awareness of the importance of what’s beyond the boundary of firms. Lunch & Learn (L&L) Talks, Leadership Series Seminars and extra-curricular activities offer ample opportunities for life-long networking and friendship.

Opening Week

Come and experience the essence of your MBA year. Our program starts with a four-day MBA boot camp to learn about your school, class, future career and MBA.

The sequences of Core Courses take place in 5 Terms from September to March: 

  • Term 1 (September/October)
  • Term 2 (October/November)
  • Term 3 (November/December)
  • Term 4 (January/February)
  • Term 5 (February/March)

This sequence represents the competence requirements of a global manager.

Term 1

  • Populism and the Economy
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Microeconomics for Managers
  • Business Analytics

Term 2

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Understanding Investments
  • Strategic Economic Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics of Big Data
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Term 3

  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Macroeconomics for Managers
  • Cost Management and Profitability Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Python Coding and Application (non-mandatory)

Term 4

  • Decisions & Uncertainty
  • Operations Strategy
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Managing People in Organizations
  • Macroeconomics in Action
  • Bloomberg (non-mandatory)

Term 5

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Design in the Information Age
  • Performance Management and Control
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Perspectives on Emerging Markets (non-mandatory)

Placement details 2018

  • Found a new job 3 months after graduation 90%
  • Changed either country or sector or function 93%
  • Job opportunities obtained through Career Services 55%

List of recruiters

  • BPI
  • FCA
  • GSK
  • NIKE

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