Ship Broker to Nuclear Technologist in IMD’s MBA Class of 2017


The MBA Class of 2017 at IMD is described as diverse and experienced for a good reason. The 90-member cohort comprises 44 nationalities with an average 7 years work experience.

They include a French marine officer, an Indian Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), an Australian Shipbroker and a Canadian electrical engineer with work experience in nuclear technology, energy and construction sector.

While 60% of the participants have managed teams of 10 plus prior to joining the program, 45% have held $10 million plus budget responsibilities. Their average age is 31 years.

Regarding international exposure, 62% have lived in more than three different countries for six months or more. On an average, they speak four languages.

In entrepreneurial experience, 46% have exposure to start-ups and 31% have been founder or co-founder of various types of businesses.

In functional diversity, 20% were from Project Management, 16% Marketing & Sales, 15% General Management, 13% Business Development, 12% Operations, 9% Strategy & Planning and 7% IT/R&D.

In international diversity, Asia forms the largest chunk at 35% followed by Western & Southern Europe at 32%, Latin America at 10%, Central Eastern Europe 9%, Middle/East/Africa and North America at 6% each besides Oceania at 2%.

The nationalities represented are (in alphabetical order): Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan,  Thailand, UK, Ukraine, USA and Venezuela.

In functional diversity, 20% were from Project Management, 16% Marketing & Sales, 15% General Management, 13% Business Development, 12% Operations, 9% Strategy & Planning and 7% IT/R&D.

In work sectors, Manufacturing industry had the major share at 37%, followed by Financial Services 19%, Service Industry 16%, Consulting 13%, Telecom/High Tech 8% and Public Sector/Non-Profit 7%.

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As far as educational background is concerned, Engineering dominated with 43% followed by Business & Commerce 20%, Finance & Economics 15%, Social Sciences 10%, Natural Sciences and IT& Computer Science at 6% each. About 61% of the MBAs have an advanced degree, the school said.

Among the students, French National Thibault Acolas, 29, has more than six years international experience in operations & strategy. He has worked as Exchange Officer, Deutsche Marine, Germany leading a team of 30 on a German Navy ship.

He promoted military partnerships during a six-month deployment in Angola, South Africa and Israel with business and diplomatic leaders, resulting in four $60m contract renewals.

Priyanka Chandran, 34, from India is a Chartered Financial Analyst, MBA, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. She has 9 years’ experience across strategy, international business development, client coverage and deal structuring in financial services.

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Founder of Fintrends Consultants, India, she developed a strategic roadmap for the internationalisation of the Indian Rupee as part of the Deputy Governor’s agenda for the Reserve Bank of India. She

supported €130m fresh fundraising for India’s first clean tech fund and €180m for an early stage VC fund. She was also Vice President, Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank, India.

Australian Matthew Costello, 32, has 7 years international experience in deal making, business strategy and project management within the transportation and NGO space.

He has worked as Senior Ship Broker, Stolt-Nielsen, USA, held sole p&l responsibility for a $45m/p.a. shipping lane; turned around lane from bottom tier performance to highest profit in chemical tanker division. He also founded and ran a scholarship program in collaboration with the Australian government and multinationals and delivered the program on time and 25% below budget.

Canadian national Sergiu Geamanu, 31, has 5 plus years’ international experience in the nuclear technology, energy and construction industries. As Planning Engineer, Slovenské Elektrárne, Slovakia, he developed and managed project plans for the construction of a €4.6bn nuclear power plant. He also worked as Consultant, Fortior Global, Australia and later as Project Control Coordinator, Atomic Energy of Canada.(Image

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