SPJIMR One Year PGPM Placement 2018: Rs 18.05 Lakh Avg. Salary, 88% Avg. Salary Hike


True to form, Final Placements for the One Year Full-time Post-Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) Class of 2018 at SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, saw the students getting an average salary of Rs18.05 lakh with the highest salary recorded at Rs 27.03 lakh.

Stellar Profiles Behind The Stellar Placements

SPJIMR’s PGPM Class of 2018 comprised 136 bright sparks, including 22% female participants.

Almost a third of SPJIMR’s PGPM Class of 2018 had international work experience! 

Key stats

  • Average age of participants: 29 years
  • Average GMAT score of 660
  • Average work experience: 6.4 years
  • 76% of the students had work experience of 5-7 years & 23% of the students had 7-12 years of work experience
  • 29% of the class had international work experience 

More students with substantial years of work experience is a boon in an MBA Class since learning from your peers is an important component of learning in an MBA course.

With hundreds of years of corporate work experience between themselves, PGPM students were are able to relate better to situations discussed in case studies which are centred around mid-senior management problems.  

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Diverse Group of Participants

When the student body is diverse, learning grows by leaps and bounds as everyone brings a different perspective to the classroom.

It’s interesting therefore to see the wide range of functions and industries the students of the Class of 2018 were drawn from.

Industries represented 

Information Technology (IT), which often contributes 50%-60% of the students in a class at most MBA programmes in India, contributed 20% to the Class of 2018.

BFSI at 16%, Manufacturing at 15% and Oil and Power & Utilities at 10% were big contributors to the student body and more than 15 different industries were represented in the class. 


Incoming Domain

PGPM Class of 2018 – Industries represented

Incoming Functions

Students from different job functions bring different perspectives to the management problems discussed in class.

SPJIMR’s PGPM Class of 2018 had a healthy mix of many functions with no one function dominating the body.

Project Management, Software Development, Sales, Process & Operations, SCM/Procurement, Consulting, Analysis & Research were some of the top functions represented in the class. Find the complete break up below.

Incoming Functions

PGPM Class of 2018 – Functions Represented

Class of 2018 Placements – Highlights

  • Average salary: Rs 18.05 lakh
  • Maximum salary: Rs 27.03 lakh
  • Minimum salary: Rs 12 lakh
  • Average percentage hike: 88.41%
  • More than 60 companies participated in the placement process
  • Domain-wise Placement: IT topped followed by E-commerce, Consulting, Logistics & BFSI
  • Top Sectors in Placements: Operations & Supply Chain led the pack, followed by Information Management and Marketing
  • Function-wise Placement: Consulting/Tech Consulting came up with the maximum number of offers, followed by Operational Excellence, Marketing, Product Management, Procurement, Project Management, General Management, Process Excellence and Strategy

Average salary (Mid 80 percentile offer average) in the past three years

  • Average domestic salary 2016: Rs 16.47 lakh
  • Average domestic salary 2017: Rs 18.23 lakh
  • Average domestic salary 2018: Rs 18.04 lakh

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Major Recruiters

More than 60 companies participated in the placement process. The major recruiters included:

ABN Amro Bank Accenture Ops  Accenture Technology Bosch
Bridgestone Citi Bank Crisil,  Deloitte 
E&Y Flipkart  HSBC
IndusInd Infosys   KPMG Mahindra Susten
Michelin Mphasis PWC Sapient & and Sical Logistics


Career Guidance & Placement Process

The PGPM Career Services team takes a keen interest in guiding and helping the participants in honing and furthering their skill sets with the help of initiatives like Profile Mapping, Guest Lectures, Mentoring Sessions & Mock Interviews with Alumni besides Resume Building and Career workshops.

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The PGPM program follows a rolling placement process and is followed up over four months – from September and continuing through mid-December.

SPJIMR also provides a platform for Pre-placement talk (PPT) for interaction between the company and the students.

The presentation is followed by a Q&A session with company officials so that the students get a better understanding of the company and potential roles.

SPJIMR follows the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) under which reliability of data is ensured as the reports undergo a third-party audit process. The School’s Placement Reports are audited by CRISIL.

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