Stanford Tops Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-schools 2019-20 US Ranking


Stanford GSB has topped the Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools 2019-20 ranking of U.S. B-Schools for the second successive year, Dartmouth Tuck climbed 17 spots to the 2nd rank.

The Top 10 B-schools

Stanford had earned top scores for compensation and entrepreneurship. Tuck moved up the ranking on the basis of its improved scores for networking and learning.

Harvard moved up one place to rank 3 as also Chicago Booth to the 4th rank, displacing Wharton and MIT Sloan respectively. Virginia Darden is in the 5th rank

For the second straight year, Stanford is the best business school in the U.S., tallying top scores for compensation and entrepreneurship. Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business is one of the biggest movers in this year’s ranking, jumping 17 spots to second place on improved scores for networking and learning. Harvard, University of Chicago’s Booth school, and University of Virginia’s Darden school round out the top 5.

Wharton is ranked 6 followed by MIT Sloan 7, Berkeley Haas fell two places to rank 8, Columbia, one place to rank 9 and Northwestern Kellogg two places down to the 10th rank.

How the Top 5 Scored

Stanford notched up an overall score of 100 with compensation 100, learning 73.2, Networking 87.7 and Entrepreneurship 100.

Dartmouth Tuck has an overall score 94.5, Compensation 93.5, Learning 92.3, Networking 100 and Entrepreneurship 68.2.

Harvard has an overall score of 92.5, Compensation 98.1, Learning 65.9, Networking 85.9 and Entrepreneurship 70.6.

Chicago Booth has an overall score of 91.7, Compensation 93.4, Learning 78.0, Networking 89.3 and Entrepreneurship 75.4.

Darden has an overall score of 91.5, Compensation 89.8, Learning 97.0, Networking 91.4 and Entrepreneurship 74.2.

Ranking Methodology

Bloomberg-Businessweek said the ranking is based on 26,804 survey responses from MBA students, alumni, and recruiters in 2019 about their goals and experiences, as well as compensation and job-placement data from each school. The data was collected after extensive interviews at the business schools.

The ranking gave a weightage of 37.3% to the Compensation Index, 25.7% to Networking Index, 21.3% to Learning Index and 15.7% to Entrepreneurship Index 15.7%.

Top MBA Employment Sectors

Based on the 2019—20 Ranking, Consulting sector hired 2,252 graduates from 85 schools. The financial sector employed 2,127 graduates from 88 schools. Technology sector took in 2,117 from 86 institutions.

Consumer sector employed 666 graduates from 75  schools, Healthcare 708 from 77 schools, Manufacturing 509 from 72 schools, Energy 256 from 77 schools, Real Estate    53 from 294 schools, Retail 49     from 212 and Media/Entertainment 39 from 171 schools.

Nonprofits took in 135 from 40 schools, Transportation to 36 from 125 schools, Government  33  from 83 schools and Hospitality 55 from 25 schools.

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