What MBA To Select?


MBA Admission Committees insist on selecting candidates with the right ‘fit’ for the program-applicants should introspect on the need to acquire an MBA and select programs that meet their career aspirations-MBA Admission Tours and events, a good way to get information about schools and programs-getting in touch with current students, alumni also help in selecting the best options.

MBA Admission Committees at business schools lay special stress on selecting candidates who fit in with the program being offered. How do you, as a candidate, decide whether you are fit for the program? Let’s have a look at all aspects of the issue.

How to find the right School / Program

How will you find out if a particular program or school is the best option? It calls for some introspection. Consider why you need the degree and the career that you want to pursue. An article appearing on the QS TopMBA websites quotes Stacy Blackman, president of Stacy Blackman Consulting, warning not to go by what matters to other people and choose their number one school. You should reflect on what is most important for you and then start the process of selecting the schools or programs.

Looking at B-School Rankings

One way to begin the process would be to have a look at the Business School rankings. It would provide you with some details about the program, employment and salary figures post the degree and Return on Investment (RoI).

However, it’s not wise to depend only upon the rankings. While deciding on the school, you have to consider factors like where would you want to work after acquiring the MBA? If you prefer an urban or suburban or rural MBA experience and preferred class size. Some of you may be interested in a collaborative rather than a competitive atmosphere in the classroom. Regarding the curriculum too, some may prefer the case study method and hands-on industrial experience rather than classroom lectures.

Is attending a school-sponsored event or an MBA tour worthwhile? Certainly, says admission consultants.

Scouring the School Websites, Asking the Alumni

A close look at the various school websites will give you the details about various programs, including the curriculum so that you can decide whether it meets your expectations and career needs. The class profile will show the composition in terms of numbers, average age, work experience and the like.

Is attending a school-sponsored event or an MBA tour worthwhile? Certainly, says admission consultants. These provide you with an opportunity to interact with the officials, clear your doubts and state your preferences.

Another way to get to know the school and its culture is to ask current students and alumni. Most of the schools would allow the applicants to get in touch with the students or alumni. You could ask them about their personal experiences regarding the classroom atmosphere, other aspects of learning, networking, accommodation and even leisure and recreational activities.


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