IIM Ahmedabad Launches Advanced Business Analytics (PGP-ABA) Program for Executives


IIM Ahmedabad has launched the Post Graduate Program in Advanced Business Analytics (PGP-ABA), a diploma program for working professionals with classes beginning March 2020.

The 16-month PGP-ABA is a hybrid program delivered through a mix of on-campus classroom sessions, online sessions and project work.

PGP-ABA Program Details

IIM Ahmedabad, says with the deluge of digital data, data-driven decision making has now become an integral part of the efficient functioning of every organization, and the society at large. PGP-ABA will help executives acquire essential skills and knowledge to make the right decisions with the insights gained from the analysis of data.

The program will focus on building blended expertise in data “literacy”, data processing and business acumen. It offers a carefully thought out mix of courses on tools and techniques for data visualization, modelling and analysis of varieties of data of different sizes; machine learning algorithms, cloud computing.

It also imparts knowledge about the domain-specific applications of data analytics in marketing, HR, Finance, Operations and Public Policy. The participants would develop the skills required to package analysis output into business implications that can support decision making.

PGP-ABA Eligibility Criteria

Participants should have at least two years of experience, preferably in the domain of business analytics. No formal college-level technical or statistical expertise is required except a strong desire to learn how to use data for making an impact on the organization.

Participants should have a minimum of 2 years’ work experience preferably in the business analytics domain. The experience criterion may be waived for candidates with exceptional academic qualifications.

You should have an undergraduate degree and a valid GMAT / GRE / CAT / GATE or the PGP-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test score.

PGP-ABA Program Details

The PGP-ABA is a hybrid program, delivered using a mix of on-campus classroom sessions, online sessions, and project work. There will be three in-campus modules, each running for one-week duration. The online remote sessions will be delivered through study centers located in multiple cities. For the project work, the participants will visit the IIMA campus for two days.

The timing of the online sessions will provide flexibility to the working professional schedules. The course delivery pedagogy includes lectures, cases and hands-on exercises.

The concepts and state-of-the-art analytics practices will be introduced using lectures. Business cases will be also introduced at appropriate modules to discuss the complexity of business problems and how to make data-driven decisions using rigorous analysis.

Several sessions will provide hands-on data handling, data-driven simulation, and model development experience, which will prepare the participants to solve business problems in multiple domains and prepare participants to execute the capstone project with rigor. Equal emphasis will be laid on communicating the data insights with the organization.

The program begins on March 2020 with a pre-term online session. Exploratory Data Analysis will be delivered in classroom / online modes from April to June. Data Analysis Methods will be taught online from July to September. Model Development will take place in classroom/online modes in October-December. Model Communication will be held online from January-March 2021.

Domain-specific Analytics will take place in the classroom in April followed by a capstone project in classroom/online during May-July 2021.

Besides the faculty members engaged in cutting edge research and consulting in the domain of analytics, the program will also draw upon the strengths of industry experts and the extensive alumni network.

PGP-ABA Chairperson’s Comments

PGP-ABA Chairperson Prof Tathagata Bandyopadhyay says, “The deluge of data that we see today can be used as powerful drivers for effective decision making. However, most organizations are still struggling to leverage it as there is a serious shortage of skilled personnel in the domain of data analytics.

“IIMA believes in delivering high-quality programs, with emphasis on experiential learning and this program is no exception. Besides explaining the theoretical underpinnings of the tools and techniques, emphasis will be given to the hands-on learning using a variety of data sets from various domains of applications,“ he adds.

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