IIM Ahmedabad – Scholarships and Funding


Scholarship 1: Need-Based Scholarship Scheme (For MBA Program)

Institute aims for providing the opportunity to pursue its courses (MBA & MBA-FABM) to all eligible candidates, who are in need of financial help. The amount of scholarship is decided on the basis of various criteria’s such as annual gross family income, the number of dependents in the family, and ownership of assets. In the month of July/August/September, applications for these scholarships are invited every year for the scholarships.

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Scholarship 2: For FPM Program

The scholarship covers all the expenses related to academic (like tuition, library, computer, placement, and alumni fees) and living expenses (like medical insurance, boarding, and lodging charges). Plus, candidates in the 1st & 2nd year will be eligible to a monthly stipend of INR 32,800, upon clearing the required exam candidate will be eligible for INR 35,400 per month and upon submission of the TAC approved thesis proposal, candidates will be entitled for INR 39,300 per month, including food allowance. An additional allowance of INR 50,000 is provided to candidates to purchase their own personal computer or laptop. IIMA provides sufficient funds to cover contingency expenses for research work. IIMA may find support for exceptional international candidates.

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Scholarship 3: Industry Scholarships

IIM Ahmedabad awards several corporate scholarships to the candidates based on educational performance. Like, The Aditya Birla & the Sir Ratan Tata Scholarships instituted by Sir Ratan Tata Trust. Nestle India Ltd. Also offers scholarship for the PGP-FABM program.

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Scholarship 4: For MBA-Ex (PGPX)

5 Interest waiver Scholarship are offered for the candidates of MBA-Ex program on merit basis which will work as interest waiver on loan taken bank by candidates (for the course fee) for a year. Scholarship amount can go up to 3 Lakhs maximum.

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