Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA

The Chicago Booth part-time MBA program is of two kinds: the Evening MBA Program and the Weekend MBA program. A regular class for each of the programs is given below in the table.


Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA, Evening MBA Program


International Students:25%
Work Experience (years)Range (middle 80%):2-9
GPARange (middle 80%):3.0-3.9
GMATRange (middle 80%):630-740
Advanced Degree20%
Top IndustriesInvestment Management/Research:11%
Commercial Banking:6%
Diversified Financial Services:6%
Other Industry:10%

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Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA, Weekend MBA Program


International Students:25%
Work Experience (years)Range (middle 80%):3-10
GPARange (middle 80%):2.7-3.8
GMATRange (middle 80%):640-740
Advanced Degree33%
Top IndustriesManufacturing:11%
Investment Management/Research:9%
Computer-Related Services:5%
Other Industry:6%

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Student Experiences

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA

When you are keen on joining a part-time MBA program, you want to ensure that the program does not affect your full-time job or family life balance. That is a very crucial thing before you register for a part-time MBA program.

This is why you need to know the structure of the part-time MBA program to complete it successfully. It is a common question that we often come across from clients who are interested in joining a part-time or executive program.

Chicago Booth provides you with two different kinds of part-time MBA programs: the evening format and a weekend format. To help you better understand, we will break down both the Chicago Booth part-time MBA programs’ structures.

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Chicago Booth Part-Time Academics

Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Class Format

The Chicago Booth evening MBA program happens weekly once. The timings are from 6-9 pm. A quarter of the evening program will go for 11 weeks. There is a summer quarter that lasts only for 10 weeks.

It does not surprise that most students of the evening MBA program are based in Chicago. In contrast, the Chicago weekend MBA program has classes on Saturday, each week. The course period is 11 weeks.

As a student, you have the option of attending the 9 am-12 pm time period, or you can also choose to attend the 1:30-4:30 pm time period. The weekend program is almost the same as the evening course, except that it is suitable for working professionals with long weekday schedules.

Besides, if you reside outside Chicago, then traveling to and from every day can be strenuous. Close to 70% of students who attend the weekend MBA program are from Illinois. You will be delighted to know that the Chicago Booth part-time MBA program offers you immense flexibility.

When you miss a session, then you can catch up in the next session of the program. These things happen as you cannot predict your work schedule, family emergencies, and bad weather.

Besides, they let to take a course from their full-time program if you are keen on doing it, and when you have the time to do it.


Other Logistics

When you are interested in joining the Chicago Booth part-time MBA program, then you will want to know that other logistics to consider. The main thing being it comes with tremendous academic pressure.

The pressure is so much on students that there are two drinking sessions to help students cope with the stress of work and study every week. A Chicago Booth part-time MBA program usually takes two and a half years to complete the program.

But students are given up to 5 years to complete the degree successfully. This is because few students may have a sudden increase in their workload at work. Besides, medical emergencies can also occur during the course.

However, those students who can manage to complete the degree in two and half years can do so. The Chicago Booth part-time MBA program is exceptionally flexible for the course bearing a few stringent policies:

  • Transfer credits from other business schools are strictly not accepted.
  • The 20 courses must be completed under any circumstance, and they will not waive it.

As you know, the financial cost of a top MBA course, even part-time, can be expensive at times. You can make use of several opportunities for financial aid for your MBA. Please note that the cost/course comes to $7,344 in the 2020-2021 school year.

To help students maintain payments, the tuition fee is locked from the year you enrolled. That means you do not have to be worried about hikes in your fee; that will not have changes in your fee.


Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Curriculum

The Chicago Booth part-time MBA curriculum that is applicable for both its part-time and full-time degree is LEAD. The LEAD program deals with experiential learning and is a leadership development program.

It plays a significant role in the Chicago Booth part-time MBA curriculum. For both evening and weekend MBA students, the LEAD program is divided into LAUNCH. This is a 3-day introductory program that enables students to get the hang of the classes.

The LEAD program focuses on developing new mindsets, understanding automatic behaviors, practicing peer-education skills, garnering helpful feedback from professors and case studies that enables studies to implement what they have learned during the course.

Apart from the LEAD program, Chicago Booth’s part-time MBA curriculum also consists of three areas providing different levels of learning. They include financial accounting, microeconomics, and statistics.

The courses can develop an interest in students wanting to learn Booth’s many MBA concentrations, including Analytic Finance to Operations Management.


Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Application

You may want to learn more about the application requirements and the Chicago Booth part-time MBA program’s admission requirements. Please do note down the deadlines for applying.

Now we are going to see about the latest essays. These essays are crucial for your application and the Chicago Booth part-time MBA interview process.


Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Essays

All students have to finish two essays to complete the application. The essays are mainly used for AdCom to understand the student better.

Here are few pointers for the 2019-2020 application:

  • Essay 1. Why are you seeking an MBA from Chicago Booth, and why is Chicago Booth’s Evening MBA or Weekend MBA your program of choice? (400-word limit)
  • Essay 2. The University of Chicago’s motto is “let knowledge grow from more to more, and so be human life enriched.” Please tell us how your individual perspective and experiences will enrich and have an impact on the Booth community. Feel free to use examples from both your personal and professional life. (300-word limit)

Besides the above two essays, you need to attend a Reapplicant Essay (500-word limit) that forms part of the application. This is an optional essay (500-word limit) that can highlight vital details, which are not covered in the two prompts above.


Chicago Booth Part-Time MBA Interview

Students can attend the Chicago Booth part-time MBA program interview on the invitation. Typically, the invitation is given within 10 business days of applying. The application process is done at the Gleacher Center.

The interview is conducted by members of AdCom. Current students, alumni, and members of both the evening and weekend MBA program are also part of the interview.


Why Chicago Booth?

Chicago Booth’s part-time MBA program offers you immense flexibility. The LEAD program is highly beneficial for you as it enables you to customize your MBA program. The weekend and the evening program offer you a wide range of international opportunities like combined MBA/MA programs that can be pursued on three different continents.